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One of the most exotic laminate floor collections from Quick-Step; the Majestic range lives up to its name with excellent features, exotic shades and large format planks.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: October 09, 2018

Quick-Step Majestic Laminate Flooring Review

One of the most exotic laminate floor collections from Quick-Step; the Majestic range lives up to its name with excellent features, exotic shades and large format planks.

This range offers the widest, longest and most opulent looking floors from Quick-Step, the global leaders in quality laminate flooring. You can be sure of the high durability, stability and excellent quality of these exquisite floors.

Thanks to the extra-large dimensions, the striking resemblance to solid hardwood floors and their unique features, these floors are a top choice when you want to create elegant interiors.

This in-depth review gives you an insight into why these fabulous floors do perfect justice to their name.

Quick-Step Majestic In-Depth Review

The floors in this collection add a different dimension and depth to your interiors. The lavishly designed planks are available in a wide range of shades and patterns in natural oak finishes.

The surface of these planks is lovingly crafted to create grains, knots, textures and patterns as found in natural solid oak floors. The shades in this exotic range cover a wide spectrum of sublime greys, earthy brown, classy beige and natural oak tones.

The 9.5mm thick planks feature genuine bevels and are grooved to further replicate the look of authentic wood floors.

These planks are sturdy and durable thanks to the several unique features that help retain their majestic look and appeal.

The surface is coated with a melamine resin layer that protects your exquisite floors from micro-abrasions, scuffs and stains. The layer also protects the beautiful patterns and designs from fading over time.

With Majestic laminate floors, your interiors will keep looking stunningly beautiful for years without showing any deterioration in quality. The floors are an ideal choice in heavy traffic areas making them an ideal flooring for families with pets or kids.

The surface is further protected from moisture through the Hydroseal technology that makes these resplendent floors virtually waterproof. You can install these dazzling floors with complete confidence in the kitchen, bathrooms and other wet areas.

Installing these laminate floors is easy, quick and totally mess-free thanks to the Uniclic installation method pioneered by Quick-Step. The planks are just clicked and joined together to give you a highly stable and even floor in quick time.

Maintaining these gorgeous floors is a breeze. Vacuum the floors every day and mop it once a week to keep dust and allergen away. You can read more about how to maintain laminate flooring here.

The floors are also soft and comfortable underfoot and perfectly suitable for rooms with underfloor heating systems.

Quick-Step Majestic Laminate Features at a Glance

  • Long wide planks with a luxurious finish and opulent looks
  • These floors boast an incredible resemblance to solid hardwood floors
  • 9.5mm thick single strip planks
  • Genuine bevels with grooves on all four sides
  • The Hydroseal technology ensures these floors are water-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant floors with a protective coating on the surface layer
  • Compatible with under-floor heating
  • Ideal for installation in both commercial and residential spaces
  • Quick, simple hassle-free installation through the Uniclic installation system
  • Low on maintenance
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot
  • 25-year warranty on domestic installations

Our Verdict

We highly recommend these elegant, easy to maintain floors when you are looking for high-class laminate floors that last for decades without any deterioration in quality.

With ample dimensions, these floors make any area look spacious, lavish and truly majestic. Perfectly suited for both residential spaces and commercial spaces, these floors boast the highest standards of performance and durability.

The Quick-Step Majestic collection of laminate floors is an excellent investment both for long-term use and to enhance the value of your property.

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Yarl Christie

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