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20.05.21 Advice

How to Clean Laminate Floors - Tips

Written by: Yarl Christie

Gone are the days when cleaning laminate floors used to be a pain. The kind of technology being used in manufacturing laminate flooring these days has resulted in easy to maintain laminate floors. Here’s a guide to help keep your laminate floor clean.

Sweeping Technique

The best way to sweep a laminate floor is using a vacuum cleaner or a dry dust mop. Avoid using traditional brooms to clean your laminate floors. Regular brooms will leave a lot of particles behind. When these particles mix with a met mop they will spread all over the floor.

So ditch the broom. If you use a vacuum cleaner, use one with a hard floor setting or a brush roll on/off button. Keep the brush roll turned off when vacuuming your laminate floor to avoid scratches and damages to your laminate.

Use the Right Floor Cleaner

If you love a particular brand of cleaning liquid and are thinking of using it on your laminate flooring too, think twice before you do so. Using an expensive floor cleaner is not necessarily the answer. Pick a cleaning liquid that works with the type of floor you have installed.

The best solution is to use a little bit of water. Whether you choose to use a cleaner or not, ensure that you don’t use too much of it! You might be tempted to use a lot of cleaning liquid, but it will only leave behind a residue, which will dull the finish of your laminate.

Use Water with Caution

When you want to wet mop your laminate floor, don’t use too much of water. Ensure that your mop is semi-wet at best. Water and any other liquid spills will run into your laminate board causing them to swell, which will eventually damage your floor. Drain your mop of the water before you use it on your laminate. The floor must dry up in a minute or so of mopping it – that’s the ideal amount of water you must use on your laminate.

Buff it Up

Want to ensure your laminate floor shines and sparkles? Be sure to buff the floor dry. You could use a mop head or an absorbent cloth. Microfiber cleaning cloths are the best option for buffing. Buff your floor gently for a nice and smooth shine.

Protect Your Laminate Floor

There you go. Those are all the steps to take to keep your laminate floor in top form. Be sure to protect your floor to ensure it keeps looking great. Place outdoor and indoor mats at the entrance of the home. Wipe spills as soon as they happen. Make use of furniture protectors.