Engineered wood floors are hugely popular for their durability. Discover the advantages of this popular type of flooring below

Written by: Yarl Christie

Advantages of Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood floors are hugely popular for their durability. The visual appeal, form, feel and experience that these floors offer are very similar to that offered by hardwood flooring. However, it can become quite difficult to differentiate between solid wood and engineered wood floors.

Here’s a look at some advantages of engineered wood floors.

Have a Stable Floor Underfoot, Always

Engineered wood floors are made of multiple layers of wood.

The top layer, also called the wear layer, is the surface you can see. This layer features the wood species of your choice such as oak, walnut, beech and ash wood.

The other layers, known as the base layers, are made of plywood or softwood and are attached to the top layer at a specified angle.

This multi-layer structure imparts excellent stability to engineered floors. These floors are dimensionally stable, which means that these floors do not bulge, shrink or change shape owing to changes in temperature and humidity.

With engineered floors, you are assured of a stable and firm floor underfoot always. This makes these floors a wonderful choice for conservatories and kitchens where environmental changes are normal.

Design to Your Heart’s Content

Engineered wood floors are available in an endless array of shades, patterns and finish. Advanced technology and design from reputed manufacturers ensure that these floors exhibit a surface texture that is at par with, or sometimes even superior to, hardwood floors.

This variety in choice gives you immense opportunities to be creative with your floor design.

Minimise Daily Stress

The multi-layer structure makes these floors extremely wear-resistant and sturdy. You can install these floors in heavy traffic areas without a worry. They are also a great choice for active households with children and pets; these floors can handle scratches and stains effortlessly.

These floors are low on maintenance. Daily sweeping with a dry mop and occasional moist-mopping will keep your floor in good form for a long time.

They also go with modern comforts such as underfloor heating.

You don’t have to spend your time worrying about spills, stains and scratches on the floor. Breathe easy with sturdy engineered solid oak floors.

Engineered Wood Offers Value for Money

There are highly affordable ranges available compared to solid wood flooring. The pre-installation process including subfloor preparation is brief, which saves you plenty of time and money on installation.

With their stunning looks, plenty of practical features and attractive prices, these cheaper engineered wood flooring ranges are definitely the best value for your money.

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