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12.05.20 Advice

What Types of Flooring Can Be Used with Underfloor Heating?

Written by: Yarl Christie

There’s nothing nicer than a warm, toasty floor that keeps you cosy any day of the year. Underfloor heating is a fantastic and eco-friendly choice to heat your home. However, this heating system requires your floor to be in close contact with the intricate design of the pipes - for this reason, some flooring materials are not compatible to be laid over underfloor heating. Discover the types of floors compatible with underfloor heating below.

Can I Use Underfloor Heating with Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a great choice to use with underfloor heating. Most laminate flooring manufacturers have engineered their products to adapt to rapid temperature changes, making them a perfect floor covering for underfloor heating. Laminate flooring should not be exposed to direct heat above 27 degrees so always check with the specific instructions given by the manufacturer.

Can I Use Underfloor Heating with Solid Wood Flooring?

It’s not recommended to use solid wood flooring with underfloor heating systems. Solid wood planks do not respond well to high heat or dramatic changes in temperature. It affects the planks and causes problems like buckling, shrinkage, and leads to large gaps in the floor. These problems are really damaging and will ultimately kill the lifespan of the floor.

Can I Lay Engineered Wood Flooring with Underfloor Heating?

Engineered wood flooring is perhaps the best material on the market to use with underfloor heating. Engineered wood planks are literally ‘engineered’ and designed to withstand the temperature and close contact with heating pipes. Their multi-layered construction allows heat to pass through the planks without warping, buckling or affecting the wear-layer of the floor.

Can I Use Underfloor Heating with Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

Vinyl tiles have come a long way in their design and manufacturing; most of the leading brands have now created vinyl tiles and planks to be very compatible with underfloor heating systems. Luxury vinyl floor tiles spread the heat around really effectively, meaning that you can heat your home effectively and save money on your energy bill.

Always remember to check with the flooring manufacturer that the covering is suitable for underfloor heating.

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