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This in-depth review gives you an idea on the excellent features of the Quick-Step Eligna Wide range of wood-finish laminate floors.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: November 30, 2018

Quick-Step Eligna Laminate Flooring Review

The Quick-Step Eligna range offers a wide choice in wood variations with astounding similarity to solid wood floors. As one of the largest collections of laminate floors from Quick-Step, the collection offers abundant options for you to choose from.

This in-depth review gives you an idea on the excellent features of this exclusive range of wood-finish laminate floors.

Eligna In-Depth Review

The Eligna range of laminate flooring is a great value product that offers the best in terms of beauty, performance and practicality.

Offering an expansive collection of laminate floors in different timber varieties, the planks boast excellent resemblance to several wood species such as oak, walnut, merbau and wenge.

The surface is specially crafted to create knots and grains all over to make these laminate floors look exactly like solid hardwood flooring. It further flaunts diverse finishes such as oiled, varnished, distressed, vintage and natural that is commonly found in authentic wood floors.

These laminate planks are available in a wide spectrum of shades ranging from light and breezy white to muted greys, warm browns, elegant beige and even bold and dark hues.

The surface layer is textured to further enhance the resemblance to real wood planks.

These laminate floors feature single strip, square edged planks without grooves. Once installed, these floors have a beautiful seamless look.

The laminate planks in the Eligna collection are 8mm thick. Top-grade materials and the latest manufacturing technology have been used in crafting these floors that conform to the highest standards of quality.

Quick-Step’s commitment to excellence makes these well-crafted floors not only beautiful but sturdy and extremely practical too.

The surface layer of these exquisite laminate planks is covered with a coating of melamine resin, which makes them scratch resistant. This hardy coating protects the beautiful design and finish of the floors from scratches, stains, scuff and other hazards. These floors don’t get grazed easily making them a perfect choice of flooring for families with kids and pets.

The surface is further protected from the impact of moisture, damp and humidity through the exclusive Hydroseal technology. This technology makes these floors highly water-resistant, which means you can install them even in kitchens and bathrooms.

Installing these laminate floors is super easy and absolutely mess-free thanks to the patented Uniclic mechanism. The planks can be simply clicked and joined together and tapped into place to give you an extremely sturdy and stable floor underfoot.

These low maintenance floors are very soft and comfortable underfoot and are perfectly suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Quick-Step Eligna Features at a Glance

  • One of the largest collections of wood-textured laminate floors from Quick-Step
  • Expansive options in timber, textures, patterns and designs
  • Single strip planks with a well-balanced width to length ratio
  • 8mm in thickness
  • Square edged with no grooves
  • Resistant to liquids through Hydroseal technology
  • Superior finish with scratch and stain resistant features
  • The Uniclic technology ensures simple, quick and glue-less installation
  • Hassle-free floors with minimum maintenance
  • Compatible with under-floor heating
  • 25-year warranty for domestic installations

Our Verdict

Whatever be your personal style or taste, you are sure to find your dream floor that suits your interiors in Eligna range of laminate floors from Quick-step.

We highly recommend these elegant floors as an excellent long-term investment when you want to adorn your interiors with glamorous wood-finish laminates. These floors last for decades and are sure to increase the value of your property.

What about Eligna Wide by Quick-Step?

The Quick-Step Eligna Wide range is an ideal choice when you want to add a touch of rustic elegance and sophistication to your interiors. These strikingly beautiful wood finish laminate planks create a perfect harmony between glamour and practicality.

This in-depth review takes you through the outstanding features of this elite range of laminate floors that scores high on performance and durability.

Quick-Step Eligna Wide In-Depth Review

The Eligna Wide range of laminate flooring is an excellent product and boasts top-class features.

Featuring an assortment of laminate planks with incredible resemblance to solid hardwood floors, the collection offers designs in a variety of timber species such as oak and chestnut.

The surface of each plank has been painstakingly crafted to create textures, grains and knots at random as is found in solid hardwood floors. The surface is further finished with different treatments such as oiled, fumed and reclaimed and saw-cut to further accentuate the resemblance to natural timber products.

The laminate floors in this collection flaunt different shades from dark and bold to light and breezy to suit every decor and your personal preference.

The Eligna Wide range features square edged, single strip planks without any grooves. The floors have an expansive, seamless beauty in them that can make any area look spacious.

The planks in this collection are 8mm thick. Latest manufacturing technology combined with the use of high quality materials result in excellent floors. Quick-Step is committed to providing the best to its customers and these top-grade laminate floors will last for years without any deterioration in quality or performance.

The wear layer of these gorgeous laminate planks has a coating of hardy melamine resin that protects the planks from scuff, grazes and abrasions. The protective layer also ensures the exotic images and finish lasts for years. The floors are, therefore, an excellent choice in busy commercial areas or homes with kids and pets.

The durability and appeal of these beautiful floors is further heightened through a water-resistant technology that makes the surface splash-resistant. You can install these floors in bathrooms and kitchens to perk up the looks of these oft-neglected spaces.

The floors are installed through the unique Uniclic technology that has been pioneered by Quick-step. The entire process is quick, simple and requires no messy glues. You can just click and join the planks together and tap them into place to create extremely sturdy and stable floors that retain their shape for decades.

These low maintenance laminate floors are also compatible with under-floor heating systems.

Quick-Step Eligna Wide Features at a Glance

  • Wide laminate planks in a variety of wood finishes
  • Excellent options in timber, textures, patterns and designs
  • Single strip planks
  • 8mm in thickness
  • Square edged planks without any grooves for a seamless flooring effect
  • Splash-warranty through water resistant technology
  • Top-class finishes with scratch and stain resistant features
  • Quick, simple, glue-less installation
  • Compatible with underfloor heating systems
  • 25-year warranty on domestic installations

Our Verdict on Eligna Wide

The extra wide planks in the Eligna Wide range boast the age-old charm of natural wood floors without the hassles. These stunningly natural-looking wood-finish floors add a new dimension to any space creating luxurious homes and smart commercial areas.

The floors create interiors you will love to live in while improving the value of your property. We highly recommend investing in this exquisite range of wood-finish laminate floors. It is a decision you will never regret.

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