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Quick-Step Eligna

Quick-Step Eligna

The Quick-Step Eligna range is available in 16 unique shades. Each has been constructed with great attention to detail. These floors add luxury and style to the home with ease.

They offer an elegant, realistic and superior-quality finish.

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About Quick-Step Eligna

The elegant Eligna collection boasts water resistant tiles. This makes them suitable for use in high-moisture areas. They are made without grooves to provide a softer, more tasteful effect. An 8mm depth gives the floors a stable and comfortable design. They also include the latest flooring technology.

The Eligna range is built with the latest technology. Hydroseal technology gives the planks a water-resistant design. This enables them to be installed in moisture-prone areas. They are also protected from splashes and stains. This makes them ideal for use in the kitchen.

ScratchGuard technology protects against daily wear and tear. It also prevents micro-scratches. The floor is 10x more resistant against micro scratches than other brands.

You can request free samples of the Quick-Step Eligna range. Stories Flooring is one of the only UK suppliers to offer free Quick-Step samples. This allows you to compare the designs and choose the right one for the home.

For peace of mind, a 25-year guarantee is supplied with each Eligna floor. This is one of the longest warranties available for laminate products. 

Underfloor heating can enhance the comfort of the Quick-Step Eligna range. Most systems are compatible. Check your system meets requirements before installation.

There is a huge variety of designs available in the range. Choose from cherry, beech, walnut, pine, exotic and oak effect finishes. We have an Eligna floor to match any setting.

Installing Quick-Step Eligna

Installing and maintaining these floors is both quick and simple. They come with Uniclic installation. This is unique to the Quick-Step brand. This means the planks will simply slot and click together with minimal effort. It reduces the need for professional installation, saving you a lot of money. 

Maintaining the floor is easy. A quick hoover or sweep of the floor on a daily basis is required. Mats are recommended to be used at entrance ways to prevent dirt and debris being dragged onto the floor. A once-weekly mop will also help to maintain its beautiful aesthetics. 

Take a look at the full collection today or browse our other Quick-Step laminate flooring collections.