Discover which types of flooring are considered better for families with Children

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: August 04, 2021

What is the Best Kid-Friendly Flooring?

These days, you will find so many different types of flooring to choose from. However, not all of them are suitable for family homes. If you have children, consider many things when choosing the best flooring.

Here, you will discover everything you need to focus on when selecting child-friendly flooring and which types are considered better for family homes.

Types Of Flooring We Recommend If you Have Children

When looking for the best type of kid-friendly flooring, you first need to consider their age. Some types of flooring are better suited to younger children, while other types, we recommend, only be installed with homes with older children.

If you are trying to find flooring suitable for younger children, you have three main options. These include:

  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet.

Modern laminate floors are incredibly durable. However, they aren’t the softest type of flooring out there. So, if you do have younger children, you might want to add an area rug to the floor in case of a fall. Today, many laminate floors are water-resistant and resistant to scratches, making them excellent at withstanding wear, tear, and spills. You will also find them really easy to clean too.

Vinyl is another excellent choice. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. They also have the added benefit that they are soft to the touch. LVT is especially true if you opt for a cushioned vinyl floor. So, if you have young kids who are prone to falling over, luxury vinyl floors may be the best option.

Kahrs Lacandon Click LTCLW2112-218 6mm Flooring is Ideal For Children's BedroomsFlooring: Kahrs Lacandon Click LTCLW2112-218 6mm

Finally, carpet is the softest type of flooring suitable for younger kids. While it isn’t as popular as it once was, you can purchase some great quality carpets these days. The only thing to be aware of with carpets is they aren’t always easy to clean. So, look out for one which states it can be bleach cleaned.

If you’re searching for a suitable floor for older children, you can expand your options to engineered and solid wood.

Focusing on Flooring Safety and Durability

After selecting which type of flooring you need, two of the most important things to consider are safety and durability. Whether your kids are young or old, you need to ensure the floor is safe and hygienic.

Vinyl and laminate floors tend to be slip-resistant and hygienic. They don’t collect dirt and dust as much as other flooring types. They also come with a slip resistance rating, with R10 and R11 being the most suitable for use in family areas.

You will also find that these floors come with advanced technology to make them more durable. They often feature scratch resistance technology, meaning they can withstand scratches which are a common risk with pets and children.

If you’re purchasing engineered floors, you will want to look for an oiled finish. While these do wear down a little quicker than lacquered floors, they are much easier to re-oil than re-lacquer. Plus, oil-finished engineered wood floors hide the signs of wear and tear more than a lacquered finish.

These are some of the main considerations to make when choosing child-friendly flooring. Stories Flooring has an extensive range of flooring available. Why not browse our available products to see how affordable child-friendly floors can be?

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