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Natures Own

Natures Own

Add a sophisticated touch to the home with this beautiful Natures Own flooring range. Available in a variety of traditional wooden designs, these floors boast excellent durability. Stories Flooring is proud to stock a fantastic range of Natures Own flooring, each sold with a generous warranty.

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The Natures Own collection

Our Natures Own engineered wood flooring range is available in numerous finishes. Whether you’re looking for a light, traditional look, or a more contemporary style floor, Natures Own has something to suit your requirements. Learn more about the different finishes on offer below.

Handscraped – Many of the Natures Own engineered floors come with a handscraped finish. This is basically a technique used to create extra texture and definition to the floor’s surface. As its name suggests, the surface is scraped by hand. This ensures each plank has an individual look. 

Handscraped & Lacquered – The majority of our handscraped Natures Own floors also contain a lacquered coating. This type of finish doesn’t just provide additional texture and dimension, it also produces a beautiful smooth look. 

The lacquer sits on the surface, protecting it against daily wear and tear. Lacquered flooring tends to have a glossier finish, reflecting natural lighting back into the room. This finish also provides great fade resistance, ensuring the floor looks as good as new for many years to come. 

Brushed & Lacquered – Another finish option available is brushed & lacquered. The brushed effect works similar to a handscraped finish. The brushing of the wood reveals the deeper grains and imperfections such as knots and mineral streaks. However, it isn’t quite as intricate as handscraped finishes. The lacquered surface helps to prevent as well as hide hide any scratches. 

Brushed & Oiled – Some of the engineered wood floors in the Natures Own collection come with a brushed & oiled finish. This means they have been brushed in the same way mentioned above, then coated with a strong oil.

Unlike the lacquered finish, oil seeps through into the wood. This means the entire planks are protected against wear and tear, not just the surface. It also allows you to sand down the floor without necessarily needing to re-oil it. These floors tend to boast a more natural look, although it will be more prone to damage from direct sunlight. 

Features & Benefits of Natures Own Floors

As well as offering numerous finishes, the Natures Own range comes packed with great features and benefits. Learn more about some of the main benefits of these floors below.

The engineered floors in the Natures Own collection come with exceptional warranties. Provided you follow care and maintenance guidelines, these floors should last up to 25 years. Due to the thickness of the floors, they can be sanded down and refinished if necessary, dramatically extending their lifespan.

Remarkable Designs

The Natures Own range features some of the most beautiful and luxurious designs. They have each been designed to look fully authentic. You can also select from the different finishes to produce either a smooth and glossy, or more natural look. 

The handscraped finish floors in the range are particularly impressive. Few engineered floors feature this finish, giving the Natures Own collection a more luxurious and unique look. 


Like many of our engineered wood floors, these have been designed with easy installation in mind. They come with a high-quality tongue and groove system. This allows you to slot the planks together quickly and easily. 

You also have numerous options when it comes to installing the floor. You can create a floating floor effect or glue the floor down if preferred. This would provide a more secure finish.

This impressive collection can be used alongside underfloor heating. However, not all systems are compatible. Make sure you check the manufacturer guidelines prior to installing the floor to ensure your system is compatible. 

Exceptionally Durability

These floors boast impressive durability. They may be a little more expensive than some of our other engineered flooring ranges, but the long-term value for money is unbeatable. Both the oiled and the lacquered floors are designed to withstand heavy use. Even in the busiest homes, daily foot traffic will be no match for these tough floors.

These are just some of the best features of the Natures Own collection. Browse the range today to see just how beautiful and luxurious these floors are.

We have many other styles and sizes of engineered flooring a title="engineered wood floors" in our collection if you don't find any Natures Own products that suit your requirements.

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