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Linton Flooring

Linton Flooring

Linton Flooring is an engineered wood flooring range built for modern-day homes and offices. Linton Flooring makes use of a multi-layered construction to impart exceptional strength, stability and durability to floors. These floors can last for a period of 40 to 80 years. So, you’ll have a floor that lasts for generations, not just a few years!

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Linton Flooring Details

These floors feature a thick wear layer of solid wood. This means that you can have your floor re-sanded multiple times over its lifetime. Re-sanding helps keep your floor new and clean for a long time. Scratches, stains and other ugly marks can easily be removed with re-sanding.

Unlike solid wood flooring, which changes shape in humid environments, Linton Flooring remains intact. The floors are, therefore, great for humid spaces such as basements. With a subfloor that is reinforced with a moisture barrier, you can have this flooring working at its best against moisture.

These floors are great for areas that see heavy traffic. They are also extremely resistant to mould, rot and insects. So, when you install these floors, you’ll experience better indoor air. Further, damages that can be caused to the floor by insects and rot are also prevented.

Linton floors are a wonderful choice for buyers looking to go the eco way. These floors make use of wood that is usually either burnt or discarded. They use very little solid wood. As a result, the impact on the environment is drastically reduced.

Linton floors are a visual treat! These floors reflect the rich texture and details of solid wood. They are available in different shades and patterns to suit your aesthetic taste.

Linton floors use a tongue-and-groove click method for installation. These floors can be installed with a simple click. In addition, these floors can be used immediately after installation.

With its many benefits, Linton Flooring can increase the value of your property. Get the best value for your money with these floors or browse our other flooring designs in our engineered wood collection for more options.

Linton Flooring

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