The Elite collection of laminate flooring from Quick-Step is an excellent choice when you love the richness of wood floors without the hassles of maintaining hardwood flooring.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: August 10, 2018

Quick-Step Elite Laminate Flooring Review

The Elite collection of laminate flooring from Quick-Step is an excellent choice when you love the richness of wood floors without the hassles of maintaining hardwood flooring.

Brought to you by Quick-Step, one of the largest flooring manufacturers of high quality laminate flooring, these luxurious floors add a special dimension and character to your interiors without costing a fortune.

With the Quick-Step Elite collection, you get to enjoy beautiful interiors for decades in complete peace of mind.

This in-depth review will help to understand why the Elite collection should be your top choice when you are looking for laminate floors.

Quick-Step Elite Laminate In-Depth Review

The Quick-Step Elite range offers eight planks in diverse patterns, shades and textures. With their stunning resemblance to solid oak floors, these Quick-Step laminate planks are perfect for lending a look of rustic sophistication to your interiors.

These wide, single strip planks are available in different shades ranging from pale grey to medium hues to dark and bold tones. The surface flaunts knots, grains, patterns and even distressed finishes that make them look just like hardwood floors.

The surface of the these 8mm thick planks is coated with a melamine resin that protects your floors from scratches, abrasions and other wear and tear. The elite collection is an excellent choice of flooring for families with kids, of for heavy traffic areas or homes with overenthusiastic pets.

This protective layer also acts as a barrier against damp and liquids. You can safely install these laminate floors in moisture-prone spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. In case you spill something, quickly mop it to prevent stains.

The planks in this range are crafted with care to create exclusive laminate floors that do not dent or bulge easily. The extremely durable and firmly glued HDF core board ensures your floors stay sturdy and stable without requiring repair or replacement.

The planks feature micro-bevelled edges that further enhance the beauty of these charming floors. Like all Quick-Step laminate floors, these are also perfectly compatible with underfloor heating systems.

These scratch and stain resistant laminate floors are easy to maintain too. Regular vacuuming and an occasional mopping will help retain the floor in top form.

However, the greatest advantage of these classy floors from Quick-Step is the installation process. The laminate floors are installed using the patented Uniclic system, which makes installation quick, easy and simple.

The planks feature grooves on all sides and can simply be clicked together for a robust installation. You won’t need any specialized equipment or glue to install these laminate floors.

Quick-Step Elite Features at a Glance

  • Top-quality laminate floors with an incredible resemblance to real hardwood flooring
  • A diverse range of textures, patterns and shades to suit every décor and personal style
  • 8mm thick, single-strip planks with protective melamine coated wear layer
  • Grooved, micro-bevelled edges
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Spillage and splash resistant
  • Compatible with under-floor heating
  • Quick, mess-free installation through Uniclic technology
  • Minimal maintenance
  • 25-year warranty

Our Verdict

When you want high quality laminate floors on a budget, the Quick-Step Elite collection of laminate floors is definitely worth a look.

Boasting exceptional resemblance to real wood floorings and several distinctive features, these floors last for decades and require very little maintenance. We highly recommend these floors for their glamorous appeal, their durability and their affordability. These floors are sure to add excellent value to your property.

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