Learn more about the features of the Kährs Tres Collection of engineered wood flooring.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: January 02, 2019

Kahrs Tres Collection Engineered Wood Flooring Review

The Kährs Tres Collection is a range of 3-strip engineered wood flooring. This means that the surface of each plank has been sawn from 3 different blocks of wood. So, the textures are different. The strips are arranged at random to arrive at textures that are visually stunning and practically hardwearing.

The Tres collection comprises floors of popular wood varieties including oak, ash and maple. These floors are available in stunning shades and are great for domestic interiors and commercial spaces.

Kährs Tres Collection In-Depth Review

The Tres floors feature a 3-layer construction, which contributes to their exceptional stability and durability. The top layer is made of solid hardwood. The middle layer, also called the core layer, is made of a softer variety of plywood while the base layer is made of a harder plywood. The 3 layers are fused to each other, which results in strong and stable planks.

The stability of the planks remains intact even in times of changing humidity and temperature levels. There’s no risk of water or moisture seeping into the insides of the planks, and causing them to warp, crack or bulge. As a result, you’ll have an intact floor underfoot during all seasons.

Enhancing the floor stability is the use of the innovative Woodloc 5S joint system. This is a mechanical joint system that does not require glue for fitting the joints. A simple click system is used to attach planks and make joints. As a result, the installation is fast and easy.

Woodloc 5S utilises a special locking tongue to ensure extraordinary joint strength – in fact, joints created using Woodloc 5S are the strongest in the current flooring market. So, the stability of your floor is completely assured!

The strong performance of Kährs Tres Collection does not compromise the looks of the floors. The natural solid wood texture of the floors is enhanced by natural surface treatments.

The silk matte finish highlights the natural texture of wood, enhancing their visual appeal. This finish makes the surface hardwearing and easier to clean.

If you are looking for a tough and durable yet stunning floor for your home with kids and pets, or for your commercial space with heavy traffic, a Tres floor can do wonders for you!

With modern buyers becoming more conscious about the environment, the flooring companies are raising the standards for eco-responsibility. Kährs definitely leads the way.

The Swedish flooring brand adheres to the strictest standards of environmental friendliness. It obtains wood from sources that follow responsible forestry methods. The surface generate electricit.

Kährs Tres Collection Engineered Wood Features at a Glance

  • The floors are made of popular species of wood including oak, ash and maple
  • Boasts a 3-layer design and surface treatments for brilliant texture and natural wood feel underfoot
  • The floors exhibit exceptional stability and durability
  • Extremely resistant to shape changes caused by variations in humidity and temperature levels
  • Special Woodloc 5S joint system creates the strongest gap-free joints and results in faster installation
  • Larger installation areas do not require expansion joints for over 75% of the area
  • The floor is ready to use immediately after installation
  • These floors boast an environment-friendly production process

Our Verdict

Ease of installation is a significant factor that buyers consider when shopping for floors. Thanks to Tres’ Woodloc 5S system, installation is easy, quick and economical.

The price of Tres floors may seem high, but the long-term benefits that Kährs Tres Collection engineered wood flooring offers are priceless. You can enjoy the stunning looks and the practical performance of the floors for several decades.

The Tres range of floors is worth your investment, but it does come at a high cost. If you need to save on your flooring, a good alternative option is our Lusso engineered wood flooring. This unique and exclusive range is only available through Stories Flooring, and you can see from its reviews that it is becoming one of the most popular options for homeowners across the country.

Lusso Engineered Wood Flooring

Excellent alternative flooring to the Kahrs Tres Collection


The range largely consists of 1-plank and parquet style designs, available in a wonderful choice of finishes. We have brushed, lacquered, and oiled finishes available, making sure there is something available to suit any interior.

Each floor is installed via a tongue and groove system, and they look exactly like the real thing. Eco-friendly processes have been used to create them, minimising our impact on the environment. Not only do these floors come at a much lower cost than top brands like Kahrs, but they also offer fantastic durability. They are supplied with a 25-year manufacturer warranty and require very little maintenance to keep them looking and performing like new.

Shop the Lusso engineered wood range now to see just how it compares to the Kahrs Tres Collection.

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