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V4 Tundra Plank Natural Oak TK101 Engineered Wood Flooring

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  • Product Details

    The V4 Tundra Plank Natural Oak TK101 Engineered Wood Flooring is an embodiment of elegance.. Crafted by the esteemed brand V4, this flooring option seamlessly blends the allure of nature with the precision of engineering, resulting in a masterpiece that enriches any space.

    The V4 Tundra Plank Natural Oak TK101 Engineered Wood Flooring showcases a brushed and oiled finish, a testament to its exquisite craftsmanship. Designed as an engineered wood floor, it harmoniously balances aesthetics with durability, ensuring longevity without compromising on style.

    With a straight plank design, each piece measures 190mm in width, creating an expansive canvas that imparts a sense of spaciousness. The lengths varying from 1700mm to 2000mm add a touch of dynamism to your flooring, offering a visual tapestry that captures attention. The 4mm solid European oak top layer exudes the natural beauty of wood grains, embodying the timeless charm of oak.

    Beneath the surface, a core layer of birch ply lends structural stability and strength to the flooring, a testament to its multi-layer engineered wood construction. The CD Rustic Oak grade bestows a rustic authenticity upon the floor, adorned with knots and variations that celebrate the inherent character of oak.

    Installation is a easy with the tongue and groove joint type, ensuring a seamless fit that enhances the floor's elegance. The bevel edges of each plank add depth and dimension, creating an inviting visual allure that complements your interior aesthetic.

    Embrace the warmth and versatility of this Natural Oak hue while enjoying the convenience of underfloor heating compatibility. With a Tog rating of 1.13, it offers effective thermal insulation, cocooning your space in comfort year-round. The flooring holds the distinction of being UKTR compliant, adhering to rigorous quality standards, and is FSC 100% certified, highlighting its environmentally responsible origin.

    Elevate your living environment with the V4 Tundra Plank Natural Oak TK101 Engineered Wood Flooring, now available at Stories Flooring. Order your free sample to see how beautiful this flooring is before you purchase it.

    Product Specification

    Product Number
    Wood Plank
    Edge Detail
    Bevel Edge
    Wood Effect
    Brushed, Oiled
    Tundra Plank
    Underfloor Heating
    Wear Layer
    Wood Species
    CD Rustic Oak
    35 Years
    Engineered Wood
    V4 Flooring
  • Maintenance Engineered Wood

    Maintaining V4 Tundra Plank Natural Oak TK101 Engineered Wood Flooring

    If you want to ensure that your new V4 Tundra Plank Natural Oak TK101 Engineered Wood Flooring floor looks and performs like new for years to come, you will need to spend a little time maintaining it. With the right care, this engineered wood floor is guaranteed to last for potentially decades, ensuring you receive excellent value for money.

    While it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer's instructions to achieve the best possible results, below you'll find some general tips you can follow.

    • Add mats at entranceways 
    • Place protective pads underneath heavy furniture
    • Use dry cleaning methods only
    • Avoid cleaning products that contain ammonia
    • Vacuum or sweep the floor daily 
    • Trim pet claws
    • Avoid walking over the floor in high heels

    Like most engineered wood floors, the V4 Tundra Plank Natural Oak TK101 Engineered Wood Flooring is tough, but it isn’t indestructible. It may be more resistant to changes in humidity and temperature than solid wood flooring, but it can still incur damage when exposed to moisture.

    Placing entrance mats behind exterior doors will help to capture any dirt, debris, and moisture, making it less likely to be trailed across the floor. You should also give the floor a sweep with a soft-bristled brush, or a vacuum daily to prevent dust and dirt from building up. If you do use a vacuum, stick to the hard floor setting to prevent scratches.

    Even with a protective surface coating, the V4 Tundra Plank Natural Oak TK101 Engineered Wood Flooring can get scratched. Minimise the risk by keeping pet claws trimmed, and avoiding dragging anything heavy across the floor.

    Finally, you should avoid using any cleaning products that contain ammonia as this could lead to damage and discolouration. Stick to dry cleaning methods, such as dry mopping, to minimise the floor’s exposure to moisture. You’ll also want to clean up any spills quickly and thoroughly.

    Following these tips will help you to keep the V4 Tundra Plank Natural Oak TK101 Engineered Wood Flooring looking and functioning how it should for many years.