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COREtec Naturals Herringbone Juniper

50 LVRH 2713
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Suitable For...

Bedrooms Icon Bedrooms
Suitable for Bedrooms

This floor is an ideal option for bedrooms. We recommend a sound reduction underlay to reduce noise in the rooms below.

Bathrooms Icon Bathrooms
Suitable for Bathrooms

This floor is suitable for bathroom installation, provided a waterproof sealant is used to prevent water intrusion into the expansion gap.

Living Rooms Icon Living Rooms
Suitable for Living Rooms

This floor is suitable for use in living rooms, offering durability to withstand high foot traffic areas.

Dining Rooms Icon Dining Rooms
Suitable for Dining Rooms

This floor is ideal to install in dining rooms. It is easy to maintain and boasts durable properties.

Conservatories Icon Conservatories
Suitable for Conservatories

This floor is suitable for use in conservatories. We recommend it be fitted with a suitable underlay to protect from ground floor moisture.

Offices Icon Offices
Suitable for Offices

This floor is ideal to install in home and commercial offices

Hallways Icon Hallways
Suitable for Hallways

This floor is suitable for use in entrance halls and hallways. It is highly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Kitchens Icon Kitchens
Suitable for Kitchens

This floor is suitable for kitchen use. However, we always recommend cleaning up any spills immediately.

  • Product Details

    Discover the unmatched elegance of the superior quality COREtec Naturals Herringbone Juniper. Expertly designed to capture the look and feel of natural wood flooring, this luxurious LVT floor showcases an eye-catching herringbone pattern that breathes life into any interior. Perfect for those seeking a blend of sophistication and functionality, it promises to transform your living spaces into a haven of beauty and comfort.

    With its multi-layer construction, the floor offers a range of benefits tailored to enhance your flooring experience. The sustainable cork layer at its base is a built-in underlay, while the COREtec Sound Core layer acts as a sound reduction barrier. A comfort layer further reduces noise and creates heat, ensuring a warm and cosy feel underfoot. The wood effect planks measure 604mm, 151mm, and 8.0mm.

    Easy to install and maintain, this exceptional floor promises to take your home design to the next level with its unique blend of style, durability, and comfort. Experience the difference the COREtec Naturals Herringbone Juniper can make in your living space and fall in love with your home all over again.

    Product Specification

    Product Number
    50 LVRH 2713
    Pack Size
    2.92 m²
    Edge Detail
    Bevel Edge
    Wood Effect
    COREtec Naturals Herringbone
  • Maintenance SPC

    COREtec Naturals Herringbone Juniper Maintenance

    The COREtec Naturals Herringbone Juniper is one of the easiest floors to maintain thanks to its waterproof, highly durable design. The dense core and multiple tough layers of SPC flooring make it highly resistant to wear and tear scratches, and stains. This means that daily cleaning is a breeze, and the use of harsh chemicals isn’t necessary.

    While you don’t need to spend hours maintaining the floor, there are some minor steps you’ll want to take to help it retain its spectacular looks and performance. These include:

    • Giving it a daily sweep or vacuum
    • Mopping the floor with a damp or wet mop as and when needed
    • Wiping up spills quickly with a damp cloth
    • Avoid steam cleaning the floor
    • Use rugs and entrance mats to minimise dirt and debris
    • Keep pet claws trimmed
    • Use suitable flooring protectors
    • Minimise exposure to direct sunlight

    If you use a vacuum to clean the floor, make sure you are using a hard floor setting without a brush. The brush on vacuum cleaners may scratch the surface of the COREtec Naturals Herringbone Juniper. Similarly, pet claws can also potentially scratch the floor if they aren’t kept well-trimmed. Although SPC flooring is one of the most scratch-resistant types of floors available, it doesn’t mean they won’t get scratched over time if care isn’t taken.

    Steam cleaning the floor is also a bad idea as the hot steam may weaken the adhesive bond between the joining and edges. It may also cause bubbling, edge cupping, or warping on the surface of the floor.

    Finally, when choosing flooring protectors pay attention to the materials used. Most rubber-backed mats for example contain an antioxidant compound that can cause staining on SPC floors.

    If you follow these simple maintenance steps, the COREtec Naturals Herringbone Juniper should look as good as new for potentially decades.