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Polyflor Expona SimpLay

Polyflor Expona SimpLay

Flooring installation can many times prove to be a time-intensive and expensive affair. This is especially a huge constraint for businesses. In addition, many commercial spaces make use of underfloor space for housing utilities such as power or plumbing cables, and heating and cooling systems. In such cases, the new floor must make accessing the underfloor an easy task.

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Polyflor Expona SimpLay Details

The Polyflor Expona SimpLay range eases all these concerns. These floors are available in the form of loose lay tiles to exclusively cater to the needs of commercial premises.

These loose lay tiles are ready-to-lay products that do not use glue, adhesive, staples or click-lock systems for installation. Instead, each tile features a friction-based pattern on the back, which ensures that the tiles grab on to the subfloor tightly and securely.

The Polyflor Expona SimpLay loose lay tiles are thick and sturdy, which ensures a steady, stable and tough floor. These tiles do not change their shape on exposure to moisture. You won’t have to worry about the tiles expanding in winters or contracting in summers. They will remain in their place no matter the conditions around.

Each floor in this range features a thick 5mm gauge, which ensures that the floor stays in its place and withstands heavy and rough use in commercial settings fantastically. These loose lay floors go with most types of subfloors thereby minimising the time, stress and cost of subfloor preparation.

Accessing the underfloor is a breeze with Expona SimpLay floors. Individual planks and tiles can easily be lifted and replaced without a worry. These floors can be used in any room in your home including bathrooms and kitchens.

Polyflor Expona SimpLay floors are available in stunning wood and stone effects and unconventional abstract styles. Each pattern is an authentic reproduction of the real thing showcasing the same richness and luxury.

Whether you want to produce contemporary, classic, trendy, bold or unconventional effects, the Expona SimpLay range has a design for you!

Adding to the beauty and toughness of these floors is their polyurethane (PUR) coating. This surface treatment enhances the look and feel of the floors and makes maintenance easier. The advanced PUR treatment ensures that your floor doesn’t need polishing for years to come.

The Polyflor Expona SimpLay is the ultimate choice when quick turnaround and cost savings are a priority. Stories Flooring brings to you the entire collections at the click of a button. Explore the collection right here and take your pick within minutes.

Polyflor Expona SimpLay

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