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Fireproof Flooring

Fireproof Flooring

When you purchase a new floor, one important factor to consider is safety. Choosing a product which is safe in the event of a fire is crucial, regardless of whether you’re looking for a floor for the home or business.

At Stories Flooring, each of our floors is designed to the highest standards. They are developed with the latest health and safety guidelines in mind. While no floor can ever be fully fireproof, the right flooring can significantly reduce how quickly it spreads.

Here, you’ll discover more about fireproof carpet and flooring. This will help you to decide which flooring solution will be the safest for your environment.

Fireproof Carpets

Fireproof Carpets

Wool is known to be one of the most fire-resistant materials used in carpets. The natural fibre is flame retardant, especially when you compare it against synthetic fibres such as acrylic and nylon.

Not only are wool carpets more difficult to catch alight than other materials, they’re also easier to extinguish. This is thanks to their water and nitrogen content. It means that if the wool carpet does set on fire, it won’t spread as quickly and there’ll also be a lot less smoke produced. When it comes to fireproof carpets for the home, wool is definitely the best option. 

We stock a number of 100% wool carpets ideal for the home or business. Our wool based CFS carpets offer both comfort and safety. The Aukland range for example, is ideal for the home and can be used alongside underfloor heating. As well as fire resistance, it also comes with slip resistance and a 5-year domestic guarantee.

Fireproof Vinyl Tiles

Fireproof Vinyl Tiles

A lot of fire safety experiments have proven vinyl to be effective at reducing the spread of a fire. When you combine this with the research which shows a lot of house fires are started via cooking accidents, it makes a great choice for the kitchen. The material is also known to reduce fire hazards.

Once the fire has been extinguished, vinyl quickly stops burning. So, not only is it resistant against fire in the first place, but it’s also fast to put out. As an additional benefit, vinyl is also one of the most affordable flooring options you can invest in. 

Things to consider

By law, manufacturers need to carry out tests to identify how fire resistant they are. All fire testing is carried out in accordance to EN 13501-1. Various tests are carried out to identify burning behaviour and ignitability. All of the floors we stock at Stories Flooring have been put through the necessary testing.

When you’re choosing carpets, look out for BS5287 and BS4790 British Standard Marks. These are usually provided on the packaging. These marks guarantee the carpets meet the latest safety guides. 

Modern floors are designed to be naturally fire resistant. However, all floors can catch fire under the right circumstances. Therefore, manufacturers also design them to prevent the spread of fire if ignition does occur. 

If you are choosing a carpet or floor for the business, your insurance may require you to invest in fireproof flooring. Commercial grade carpets and floors are typically more fire resistant and durable than domestic flooring options. If you are choosing a commercial carpet, look out for one with a smaller pile as these tend to be less susceptible to catching fire. 

Guarantees you can trust

All of our carpets and floors have been tested for fire resistance. They come with excellent guarantees too to provide reassurance. Our guarantees range from 5-years to lifetime warranties. Be sure to check each floor to determine the length of its guarantee. 

Be aware that the guarantees provided with each floor only apply if you have followed manufacturer guidelines. For example, if installing the floor with underfloor heating, you’ll need to ensure your system is compatible. If it isn’t, it could pose a fire hazard. If the floor was to ignite due to an incompatible heating system, the guarantee would become void. 

The same applies for maintaining the floor. If you don’t follow the care and maintenance instructions provided, the guarantee might not apply. 

Unbeatable prices

Stories Flooring is proud to offer fire resistant flooring at the lowest prices. We strive to deliver the cheapest prices to our customers, offering a price guarantee. If you find our floors cheaper elsewhere, give us a call and we’ll match or beat that price. 

Our large warehouse allows us to buy our stock in bulk. The discounts we receive can then be passed on to the customer. Our sourcing team has also developed strong relationships with suppliers across the globe. We buy our stock directly from the manufacturer, rather than a third-party supplier, again allowing us to benefit from lower prices. 

For more information on our fireproof carpets and floors, give our friendly experts a call. They’ll be able to address any questions or concerns you may have. We can also help you to identify the best type of flooring for your chosen environment. 

Fireproof Flooring

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