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Engineered Maple Flooring

Engineered Maple Flooring

Add a traditional and luxurious touch to the home with our engineered maple flooring. Its light design brightens up the room creating a more spacious feel. You will find a variety of finishes and designs to choose from. Each boasts a tough, hardwearing design.

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About Engineered Maple Flooring 

Our engineered maple flooring has been responsibly sourced. The wood is taken from sustainable European forests. They are mostly available in light, traditional colours. However, we also have a collection of stained maple flooring. These come with a dark finish. 

Compared to other wood varieties, maple has a smoother look with fewer grains. This gives it a nice, clean appearance. It is also one of the toughest woods you can use for flooring. You will find it is tougher than oak and capable of withstanding high daily foot traffic. 

For those with allergies, engineered maple flooring is a great choice. It naturally repels dust, reducing the risk of dust mites. You will also find it is an eco-friendly option. It is faster growing than other species such as cherry and walnut. It is also in abundant supply, making it easy to source. 

We stock a wide range of engineered maple flooring. Choose from a variety of finishes and designs. Most floors come with a lacquered or oiled finish. This helps to enhance the appearance of the floor, while also boosting their longevity. The finish protects against daily wear and tear. This ensures the floor looks as good as new for years to come. 

The finish on the floors makes them easy to clean. You can give them a dry or damp mop as and when needed. You will only have to give it a daily sweep or hoover to keep it clean. 

Installing Engineered Maple Flooring

All of our engineered maple flooring is easy to install. However, some methods are easier than others.

The floating floor method using a tongue and groove system is the most popular. Most engineered wood floors are fitted with a tongue and groove system. This secures the planks tightly by slotting them together. They are not stuck down to the subfloor which means they can be easily moved if needed. It is also the fastest method of installation. 

Other methods you can use include nail down and glue down. Nailed down flooring is the quickest out of the two. However, you are likely to cause less damage to the floor if you opt for the glue down method. Once installed, the planks are fully secure. This can enhance the longevity of the floor. 

You should be able to install the floors yourself whichever method you choose. However, if you have the budget, hiring professionals to do it for you is a good idea. 

Browse our full collection of beautiful maple flooring today. We are proud to offer a huge range of engineered flooring if you do not find a maple floor that suits you.

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