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Cavalio Loc

Cavalio Loc

The Cavalio Loc is a range of luxury vinyl flooring in wood and stone effects. Each Loc floor replicates the look and feel of solid wood and stone to perfection thanks to the high-end print film layer used in the design.

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Cavalio Loc Details

The photographic layer mimics the rich texture of natural materials so realistically that even the tiniest details of stone and wood are visible. You get the luxury and comfort of solid wood and natural stone without any of their drawbacks.

Cavalio Loc floors feature multiple layers of vinyl, which give them exceptional strength and stability. The top layer is a 0.55mm tough polyurethane wear layer, which makes the floors suitable for heavy commercial and residential use.

This wear layer protects the floor surface from scratches, stains, spills and wear and tear. This layer also preserves the brilliant appearance of the floors so you can enjoy your beautiful floor for years to come.

Loc floors are extremely moisture-resistant. For this reason, the floor does not change shape when exposed to changing moisture or temperature levels. Further, they are suitable for any room including kitchens and bathrooms.

Cavalio Loc floors are easy to clean and maintain. Sweep or vacuum the floor daily and damp-mop the floor with a well-wrung-out cloth or mop periodically for a deeper clean. When maintained clean and dry, these floors are slip-resistant.

Unlike ceramic and wood floors, Loc floors are not prone to cracks, chipping and warping. Loc floors are built to last and are completely safe for users. Whether you are an active home with kids and pets or a very busy commercial facility, Loc floors are apt for you.

Loc floors are available in an array of realistic designs and styles. Whether you are looking for a contemporary, semi-urban, semi-rustic, hybrid or utterly traditional, there is a Loc design to meet your needs.

When you are looking for luxurious floors at affordable prices, look no further than Cavalio Loc.

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