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Here's our Karndean flooring review to help you make an informed decision of your next flooring purchase.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: December 20, 2017

Karndean Design Flooring Review

If you are a buyer out in the market looking for a high-quality floor that can keep up with the demands of low maintenance and high-cost savings, then Karndean is a brand you should explore.

Karndean floors feature interesting aspects that make them a practical choice for both homeowners and commercial premises. Here's our Karndean flooring review to help you make an informed decision of your next flooring purchase.

Fantastic Customisation Options

Karndean is reputed for its natural wood effect LVT and luxurious stone style LVT floors. There is a range of textures, patterns, and shades to choose from to give your home the right match for its décor.

Karndean Knight Tile Cumbrian StoneProduct: Karndean Knight Tile Cumbrian Stone

You can personalise your space with Karndean's design strips. Use these strips to make the area around your furniture more interesting or use them to highlight corners. Karndean brings to you a wide collection of strip shades and patterns to accommodate from the simplest to the most creative of decorations on your stone or wood floor.

Karndean floors can be personalised to any room, from living spaces and bedrooms to wetness-prone bathrooms and rooms with temperature fluctuations such as conservatories.Not only that, but these luxury vinyl tiles are also a compatible floor with underfloor heating, making it hugely popular for homeowners.

For commercial spaces, Karndean delivers a stylish product that adds a dash of personality to your reception area, main office, executive rooms or conference halls. Karndean floors come with a BRE Global Green Guide rating, which can add to your corporate image.

Karndean Are Hygienic Floors for Healthy Indoors

Karndean floors have been known to prevent dirt, bacteria, and moisture. They are also polish-free, which means you don't have to use any chemical or water to treat the surface. If going green at home is one of your priorities, then Karndean floors are a good sustainable floor option.

Karndean Art Select Mountain Oak RL22

If you keen on ensuring a safe environment for your employees, Karndean floors offer the right solution. Karndean floors are LEED-certified – LEED is a U.S.-based rating system for evaluating a building's environmental friendliness.

These floors also carry a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) score, which means you'll not have your floors emitting huge volumes of toxic gases that can seriously harm the health of your employees.

Low Maintenance

Karndean floors are scratch and impact-resistant making them a favourite floor for pet owners and busy households. Monthly cleaning using recommended solutions is enough to keep these floors clean. Fantastic durability with some ranges such as the Opus Argen assuring a lifetime warranty makes these floors more attractive.

Karndean Flooring is Ideal LVT for Pet Owners

Keeping costs down is one of the major priorities of commercial establishments. Karndean facilitates lower costs by minimising maintenance. Minimal cleaning using recommended cleaners keeps dirt and grime away.

Floors come with an advanced surface treatment, which maintains floor lustre for several years, which means you need not invest in any cosmetic treatments. In addition, there are floor models that offer you 20 years warranty, which adds to the cost benefits.

Stories Flooring offers the best deals on Karndean floors. With huge warehouse capabilities and a reputation built over 35 years in the flooring industry, we are in the best position to offer you a superior quality Karndean floor and expert installation service.

We hope you found this Karndean flooring review helpful. Call us today at 0113 320 0223 for enquiries.

About The Author

Yarl Christie

Yarl is the Managing Director of Stories Flooring. started his career in the flooring industry by becoming a floor fitter at the age of 18 (2004). Yarl finally decided to move with the times and set up an online flooring store (Flooring Yorkshire, 2018). He works closely with the business managers and resource team to source new products from wholesalers, which in turn brings down the sale price. This enables Stories Flooring to be one of the leading UK flooring retailers.