The Kährs Götaland collection is a tribute to the Götaland region in southern Sweden. Each floor in this range is designed to reflect pale sandy beaches and lush dark forests. 

Written by: Yarl Christie

Kahrs Original Gotaland Collection Review

The Kahrs Original Gotaland Collection is a tribute to the Götaland region in southern Sweden. A complete Oak collection, each floor in this range is designed to reflect the scenic surroundings of Götaland including the pale sandy beaches and the lush dark forests. A host of high-performance features are also part of this popular range.

Kahrs Original Gotaland Collection
In-Depth Review

The Götaland Collection of floors feature a 3-strip board pattern. This means that each plank features three distinct pieces of wood. The texture you see on the surface is, in reality, a combination of 3 different textures.

The expert hand-scraping and brushing add an alluring saw mark pattern on the floors. The bevelled edges enhance the texture further making each plank look like as if it were derived from a single block of wood. The resultant texture is lively and can complement any interior décor.

These floors feature a town grading, which means that you’ll be able to discover subtle changes in pattern, tone and floor colour. The floors may also feature little knots. This grading heightens the luxurious effect.

The texture is greatly enhanced by the use of surface treatments. The surface of each plank features an oiled finish. This treatment includes the application of several layers of oil, which penetrates deep into the wood and enhances its texture to a more interesting and tactile experience. The surface becomes naturally lustrous and emanates a rich wood feel.

The oiling treatment imparts multiple practical benefits too. The floors become extra-durable, for one. The layers of oil form a protective shield around the internal structure of the floors, making them more resistant to wear and tear.

Repairing these floors is a breeze. When you want to repair stains and scratches, simply re-sand the area of damage instead of working the entire floor. This results in immense cost savings.

The multi-layered construction is a specialty of the Kährs Götaland Collection. The top layer features solid oak wood. The core layer features spruce, poplar or pine wood.

These floors demonstrate excellent dimensional stability. As a result, these floors are extremely resistant to shape distortions that can occur due to exposure to varying humidity and temperature conditions. This feature makes these floors a perfect choice for areas such as conservatories and basements where such atmospheric changes are a common occurrence.

The entire manufacturing process follows eco-sustainable practices. The oak is obtained from the local forests in Sweden. The company gives back to the environment through re-planting. All the wood waste is recycled to deliver energy to homes in Sweden.

Kahrs Original Gotaland Collection Features at a Glance

  • A wide range of floors in stunning oak
  • Attractive pale, balanced and dark shades
  • Natural surface treatments heighten the visual appeal of these floors immensely
  • The floors are free of isocyanates, solvents and formaldehyde
  • Exceptional stability and dimensional stability
  • Well-balanced internal structure, which imparts a high wear resistance and durability to the floors
  • These floors can be used in living rooms, kitchens, basements and conservatories
  • Eco-friendly floors that are produced using sustainable practices
  • Compatible with underfloor heating systems
  • Easy to care for and maintain

Our Verdict

Kährs, known for its high quality standards, has a rich history of 160+ years in wood flooring. This promise of quality is a major attraction when it comes to the Kahrs Original Gotaland Collection. Although a little pricey, this collection offers many benefits that make it a smart investment.