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The Nordic Naturals collection of engineered wood floors from Kahrs is a tribute to its Swedish origins, reflecting the vibrant and bold beauty of the Nordic regions.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: June 06, 2019

Kahrs Nordic Naturals Collection Review

The Nordic Naturals collection of engineered wood floors from Kahrs is a tribute to its Swedish origins. The planks in the range reflect the vibrant and bold beauty of the Nordic regions perfectly. These premium quality floors with their striking shades create a feel of rugged sophistication in any space.

The collection is aimed at those who love vivid and gorgeous wood floors that add a special character to their interiors.

The floors have been lovingly crafted by Kahrs, the global leaders in hardwood engineered floors. They are built to last for decades so you know your investment is worth every penny.

This in-depth review gives you an insight into the excellent features of this collection that make it a perfect choice for your home or office.

Kährs Nordic Naturals Collection In-Depth Review

The collection has been specially designed to bring a slice of the Nordic outdoors to your home or commercial space. The planks in the range comprise solid oak or beech as the top layer, species that are common to the region. The surface of the floors beautifully resembles all the knots, grains and patters that are seen naturally in these species.

The collection offers planks in a wide range of shades and textures. They are available in warm and harmonious shades such as tan, light brown or deep brown. The surface is further brushed, oiled or lacquered to highlight the resemblance to hardwood floors.

These long-width planks are available in either 2-strips or 3-strips to give you more flexibility during installation. The 3.5mm thick surface layer can be sanded and revamped if required. However, given the quality of materials used along with Kahrs’ commitment to the highest standards of quality, this won’t be necessary for at least a decade.

These engineered floors have a multi-layer construction that makes them very strong from within. Add to that the ample thickness and you have a floor that can take on a lot of load.

Being engineered, these premium floors can easily withstand seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity. They are suitable for installation in most living spaces including conservatories as they don’t swell up easily.

Installing the floors is quick and simple with the patented Woodloc technology. The floors can be installed either as floating floors or through the glue-down technology.

Maintaining these engineered floors is simple and hassle-free. Regular vacuuming and an occasional mopping will keep them looking gorgeous. They are ideal for busy families with little time for elaborate maintenance.

The floors are also soft and comfortable underfoot which makes standing or walking on them a pleasure.

Kährs Nordic Naturals Collection Engineered Wood Features at a Glance

  • Environment-friendly, premium quality engineered wood floors
  • Wide length planks with 15 mm thickness
  • 3.5mm thick surface layer
  • Excellent resemblance to solid hardwood floors
  • High quality, sturdy floors that last for decades
  • Resistant to humidity and temperature
  • Simple and easy installation with the unique Woodloc technology
  • Low on maintenance
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot
  • Suitable for most living spaces

Our Verdict

The Nordic Naturals collection by Kahrs is ideally suited for those who prefer wood floors without the hassles of solid hardwood flooring. The planks feature all the beauty and elegance of hardwood floor with several practical benefits.

We highly recommend the Kahrs Original Nordic Naturals Collection when you want wood floors that you can enjoy for decades. They not only make your interiors look glamorous and appealing but also adds to the value of your property.

We do however recognise that not everyone will be able to afford these premium priced floors. If you are on a budget, you can enjoy the same quality and durability at a much lower price with the Lusso engineered wood flooring range.

Lusso Engineered Wood Flooring

Excellent alternative flooring to the Kahrs Nordic Naturals Collection


Lusso engineered wood floors are made by Stories Flooring, and they are available in a wide choice of styles and effects. Whether you want to achieve a rustic look, or something more traditional, there is a design available to suit you.

All Lusso engineered wood floors come with a 25-year domestic warranty. They are capable of withstanding high levels of daily foot traffic, and can be installed with underfloor heating for maximum warmth and comfort.

Shop the Lusso engineered wood flooring collection now to compare it against the Kahrs Nordic Naturals collection.

About The Author

Yarl Christie

Yarl is the Managing Director of Stories Flooring. started his career in the flooring industry by becoming a floor fitter at the age of 18 (2004). Yarl finally decided to move with the times and set up an online flooring store (Flooring Yorkshire, 2018). He works closely with the business managers and resource team to source new products from wholesalers, which in turn brings down the sale price. This enables Stories Flooring to be one of the leading UK flooring retailers.