Every floor in the Kährs European Naturals Collection is unique in its beauty, yet boasts an array of practical features.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Kahrs Original European Naturals Collection Review

The Kahrs Original European Naturals Collection is symbolic of Europe, its glorious plurality and the liveliness of its people. Each floor in this collection is unique in its beauty yet the overall effect is the same – incredible! This range features Oak and Mountain Maple sourced from the Alps. Each floor boasts an array of practical features.

Kahrs Original European Naturals Collection In-Depth Review

This range features 2-strip and 3-strip floors.

Each two-strip plank features two different pieces of wood. This brings out two distinct patterns thereby adding a unique character to the floor. Three-strip planks feature 3 different strips to take the level of uniqueness to an all new high.

Grading enhances the texture further. Floors with a calm grading offer the cleanest boards. Each floor feature a uniform surface with a few grains. Town-graded floors feature discreet variations in colour, pattern and tone. They may also have small knots.

The matte finish enhances the authenticity of the surface and gives it a little shine. The natural feel and looks are greatly enhanced giving you the experience of rich, raw wood underfoot. Matte finish floors are also great at hiding imperfections such as scratches and dirt marks.

Floors in a silk matte finish feature greater amount of shine and also hide scratch marks impressively. You’ll have a floor that looks and stays beautiful for many years.

Be it matte or silk matte, these floors are easy to maintain. Dry mop your floor every day using a soft mop or a broom to remove dry dirt and dust. Occasionally, use a well-wrung-out to mop the floor. This will get rid of stubborn stains.

Kahrs Original European Naturals Collection employs an innovative and patented Woodloc 5S system of joint locking. This mechanical locking system uses a special tongue design to create strong joints. The joints, in fact, are the strongest in the industry.

The joints are gap-free and can be locked without the use of glue. This results in a mess-free installation.

These floors with their Woodloc 5S joints are extremely resistant to shape changes brought about by temperature and humidity variations. As a result, you’ll have a stable floor underfoot in all seasons.

These floors are one of the most eco-responsible products you will come across. The production process is eco-sustainable. The wood is sourced locally and more trees are planted to give back to the eco-system. All wood waste is recycled and converted into energy.

Kährs European Naturals Collection Engineered Wood Features at a Glance

  • Floors of the highest quality from a company that gave the world its first engineered wood floor
  • Attractive shades and alluring patterns
  • Rustic floors displaying distinct wood characteristics
  • Natural surface treatments that are free of solvents, isocyanates and formaldehyde
  • A well-balanced and multi-layer floor structure imparts exceptional stability and compatibility with underfloor heating
  • The patented Woodloc 5S system creates strong joints and makes installation easy and quick
  • Floors are ready for use immediately after installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • A complete range of floor maintenance and daily care products available
  • Highly eco-friendly floors

Our Verdict

Kährs is a flooring brand with over 160 years of history. Backed by a strong design philosophy, the latest technology and extremely creative ideas, the Kahrs Original European Naturals Collection preserves the reputation while raising the bar of modern flooring immensely.

The floors in this range are definitely not cheap, but the end product is well worth the price. You get a floor that looks stunning and works tirelessly for decades.