Here, we have reviewed the Kahrs engineered wood flooring collection that has the fabulous look and appearance of rich solid wood.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Kahrs Engineered Wood Review

If you are awed by the fabulous looks and appearance of rich solid wood but are concerned about its impact on the environment, the Kahrs Engineered Wood range is for you! Like all engineered floors, Kahrs wood floors come with the beautiful characteristics of solid wood floors without the disadvantages. We have more information on solid wood flooring vs engineered wood flooring here.

Available in a variety of stunning shades, the Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring range boasts impressive features, long-lasting performance and affordable pricing!

Kahrs Engineered Wood - The In-Depth Review

With Kahrs Engineered Wood, you can enjoy the beauty of rich wood with a clean conscience. These floors use fast-growing pine and spruce combined with a veneer of solid wood species such as oak, walnut and beech.

Making the process and the floor eco-friendly is the fact that Kahrs gives back to the environment by planting more trees than it uses. What’s more, the tree is used completely without leaving any debris in the environment.

Most of the wood is obtained from the area nearby Kahrs’ production facility, which means extremely low carbon footprint.

There are some features that help make a floor stand out. These include re-sanding ability and floor thickness. The thicker the floor, the more number of times it can be re-sanded.

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The Kahrs engineered floors come good on both these aspects. Depending on your re-sanding priorities, you can choose an appropriate floor format.

Re-sanding your Kahrs floor is important for numerous reasons. It makes your Kahrs floor look good eliminating the bad effects of aging, staining and dirt accumulation. Re-sanding also reduces chances of the floor developing cracks and splinters, which lowers the risk of injuries. Crevices and holes can also be removed, which prevents pest assaults on the floor.

You can restore these engineered wood floors. With proper re-sanding and a new coat of oil, the floors get a fresh lease of life. The gaps between the planks are removed and the floor becomes tighter, making it safer and more stable. The floors also become more resistant to stress factors such as high traffic, heavy furniture and impact of falling objects.

Kahrs floors that are re-finished are very easy to maintain – they repel dirt, which makes cleaning easier. Daily sweeping and occasional moist-mopping are enough to keep the floor clean.

Like with most engineered wood floors, Kahrs come in three formats – 2-layered, 3-layered and veneer.

The 2-layered floors feature a surface layer supported by a backing layer. The core layer uses pine/spruce lamella. These floors boast a thickness between 9mm and 11mm. These floors can accept re-sanding 3 to 4 times.

The 3-layered floors consist of 3 layers – a top layer, core layer and a backing layer. The core layer is made of pine/spruce lamella. These floors boast a thickness in the range of 15mm and 20mm. These floors accept re-sanding 3 to 4 times.

Veneer floors feature with 3 layers – a surface layer followed by a core and backing layer. The core layer is made of HDF or High Density Fibreboards. The total thickness of these floors is 7mm. These floors cannot be re-sanded.

The sturdy multi-layer design of Kahrs engineered floors imparts stunning looks, excellent durability and strength to the floors. These floors adapt seamlessly to any setting – residential or commercial. They are great for any decor – from traditional and modern to trendy and hybrid.

Kahrs Engineered Wood Reviews - Features at a Glance

  • Available in 2-layer, 3-layer and veneer floor formats to suit different re-sanding requirements
  • Multi-layer floor design imparts excellent stability
  • The floors are highly resistant to temperature and humidity changes. They do not warp or change shape due to atmospheric variations
  • The floors are perfect for living areas, conservatories, hallways and kitchens
  • Highly environment-friendly floors
  • Easy, simple, gap-free and firm floor installation
  • A variety of genuine solid wood options including oak, beech, walnut and ash wood
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Minimal cleaning – daily sweeping and occasional mopping with a moist mop is all that is required to keep your floors clean, good-looking and long-lasting
  • Excellent resistance to daily wear and tear
  • Surface treatments free of formaldehyde, isocyanate and solvents

Kahrs Engineered Wood Reviews - Our Verdict

Kahrs Engineered Wood flooring is a rare combination of beauty, performance and eco-responsibility. With proper maintenance, these floors last for several decades. They are also a good type of flooring that increases the value for your property.

Kahrs Engineered Wood means nothing but great value for your money! Missing these floors would be a lost opportunity. Make the right move today by ordering a floor from this range.