The Kahrs Avanti range has a host of amazing features that make it an easy and definite choice. Read our review of this popular floor below.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Kahrs Avanti Tres Collection Review

Kahrs is the oldest manufacturer of wood floors in the world with a stellar history of more than 160 years. The impeccable brand reputation makes Kahrs flooring a natural choice for many.

Kahrs Avanti Tres Collection too, is backed by the impeccable brand reputation. But, besides the brand name, the Avanti range has a host of amazing features that make it an easy and definite choice.

Kahrs Avanti Tres Collection In-Depth Review

Kahrs Avanti is a collection of 3-strip engineered wood floors. These strips are positioned at random with each other and bonded to a wood base.

This 3-strip construction imparts exceptional stability and strength to Avanti floors. This construction results in wider planks, which facilitates quicker installation saving you time and money.

These floors feature the Woodloc 5S system, which again makes installing these engineered wood floors easy. The special locking tongue used in this method assures you of the strongest floor joints.

The Woodloc 5S method does not require the use of glue, which makes installation mess-free. This method makes it extremely easy and simple to install Avanti floors.

Since the joints are intact and strong, you won’t find any gap between the boards. The installation also makes the floor highly resistant to shape changes that can occur as a result of seasonal changes in humidity and temperature.

An exclusive benefit of Woodloc 5S is that it prevents the need for expansion joint - you can cover 75% of installation space without an expansion joint. What’s more, you can use the floor immediately after installation.

With Kahrs Avanti, you get to experience the beauty and natural richness of a variety of wood species including oak, beech, maple and ash wood. The floors feature a lacquered finish, which enhances the natural texture of wood while giving the floor exceptional durability and wear resistance.

With its lacquered finish, the Kahrs Avanti Tres Collection is easy to clean and maintain. The floors do not demand an exhausting cleaning schedule as solid hardwood floors do. Cleaning dry dirt and dust is very easy. These floors resist spills naturally. In case of stubborn stains, you can use a damp mop or cloth.

The lacquered finish serves as an additional layer of protection against wear and tear and liquid spills. Liquids cannot seep into the floor and damage the internal structure of the floor.

Like all our engineered wooden floors, the Kahrs Avanti Collection is highly resistant to damage. They are built to retain their stunning looks for a long time. But, in case of any damage, you can simply re-sand them to get rid of the damage. We have a guide on how to restore engineered wood flooring here if you need to know more.

Features at a Glance

  • 3-strip pattern imparts excellent stability, strength and facilitates faster installation
  • Beautiful floors in a variety of wood species and shades
  • Lacquered floor finish enhances beauty and durability
  • Surface treatments are free of toxic elements including formaldehyde, solvents and isocyanate
  • Innovative Woodloc 5S installation technique offers the strongest floor joints
  • Installation is quick and easy and results in an exceptionally stable floor
  • Woodloc 5S prevents the need for an expansion joint for 75% of the installation area
  • Your floor is ready for use immediately after installation
  • The floor can be re-sanded twice
  • The floors are highly eco-friendly as a result of sustainable manufacturing methods
  • Compatible with underfloor heating systems

Our Verdict

Kahrs Avanti Tres Collection can be completely trusted. It exceeds the expectations of modern buyers looking for quality, performance, durability and good looks.