The American Naturals collection features a range of traditional wood floors beautifully tuned to modern practical needs and contemporary aesthetic standards. Read our review below

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: August 16, 2018

Kahrs Original American Naturals Collection Review

Kährs, the world-renowned Swedish flooring expert, introduced engineered wood flooring to the world in 1941. The company has been producing world-leading floors for over 160 years now.

The Kahrs Original American Naturals Collection of hardwood flooring sticks to the brand’s tradition of superior quality and innovation. The American Naturals collection features a range of traditional wood floors beautifully tuned to modern practical needs and contemporary aesthetic standards.

Kahrs Original American Naturals Collection In-Depth Review

The Kahrs Original American Naturals Collection features floors made of different wood species including cherry, American walnut and Canadian maple. The floor is so designed to bring out the rich natural texture that these wood varieties are known for.

The shades are unique. The Walnut Philadelphia, for example, boasts rich brown hues while the Cherry Savannah brightens interiors with its distinct rosy tone.

These floors are available in a 2-strip and 3-strip board patterns. The 2-strip wood planks feature two distinct wood strips each of a different width. The 3-strip boards comprise three different wood planks of varying widths that are glued to a base wood layer.

Both these board patterns result in a highly stable and tough floor.

Adding to its strength and stability is the floor’s multi-layer construction. You’ll find Kährs American Naturals highly stable underfoot and exceptionally tolerant of heavy traffic and the impact of falling objects.

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These floors are highly stable too. They do not change their shape in case of changes in humidity and temperature levels.

You can choose from silk lacquer or oiled finish. These surface treatments enhance the visual appeal of the floors while adding a protective layer to the surface.

The silk lacquer finish, for example, gives a shiny smooth look to the floor. The lacquered treatment increases the floor’s resistance to daily wear while preserving its rich looks. A lacquered finish also makes these floors easier to clean and maintain the floors.

Brushed and oiled floors feature a rich natural texture. Since oil penetrates deep into the wood, the surface as well as the interior structure of the floor are well-protected.

Repairing oiled engineered floors is easy as they need to be repaired only locally at the spot of damage. The brushing treatment preserves the natural looks of oiled floors for several years.

One of the best features of the American Naturals range is its innovative Woodloc 5S joint system. This is a mechanical system that features a special locking tongue, which creates strong joints in between the floorboards.

With Woodloc 5S, you won’t need any expansion joints for a major chunk of the floor.

American Naturals is an eco-friendly range. These floors are manufactured using eco-sustainable production methods. The design makes maximum use of wood. As a result, wood debris is minimal. What’s more, the debris is recycled and converted into energy.

Kährs American Naturals Features at a Glance

  • Rich distinct patterns
  • Shades perfect for different interior styles
  • Floors with silk lacquer finish come with a long-lasting natural shine
  • Floors with oiled finish exude a rich wood texture
  • 2-strip/ 3-strip board patterns make floors extremely stable and wear-resistant
  • Floors suitable for all seasons, thanks to their dimensional stability
  • Natural surface treatments deepen floor beauty and enhance performance
  • Floors free of health-compromising toxic substances such as solvents, formaldehyde and isocyanate
  • Floors easy to clean and maintain
  • The Woodloc 5S creates the strongest floor joints
  • No expansion joints needed for 75% of the floor installation area
  • Floor ready to use immediately after installation
  • Environment-friendly floors

Our Verdict

Kährs American Naturals hardwood flooring is an alluring combination of the traditional rich looks of wood with technically-advanced design. These floors are an excellent choice for modern residential and commercial settings demanding contemporary designs and practical benefits.

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