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The Basix range offers an excellent variety of shades and textures to suit contemporary and traditional interiors.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: November 25, 2017

Basix Engineered Wood Reviews

When you are looking for a reliable alternative to solid hardwood flooring without its drawbacks engineered wood flooring is often a great option with a huge range of wonderful choice!

The Basix range offers an excellent variety of shades and textures to suit contemporary and traditional interiors. If you are looking for stunning beauty, durability and excellent floor performance, then this engineered wood range delivers all and more for you!

Basix Engineered Wood - The In-Depth Review

The Basix wood flooring range features a 3-layered design comprising a top layer of superior quality solid hardwood. This top layer is glued to a core layer of softwood, which in turn, is supported by a veneer layer. This 3-layered design imparts excellent stability to the floor.

There is a variety of surface treatments on offer in this range. If you are looking for an ultra-glossy floor, go for the UV lacquered treatment. Light bounces off the floor surface, creating a splendid effect. What’s more, the surface texture is wonderfully highlighted with this treatment.

Matt UV lacquered floors feature a matt finish that doesn’t wear off for a long time and reveals the natural surface texture beautifully. The UV oiled finish brings out the classic richness of the wood in these floors.

In addition to enhancing the visual appeal dramatically, these surface treatments make the floor tough, wear resistant, scratch resistant and highly durable.

Adding to the authenticity and looks of the engineered wood floors is the bevelled-edge design. The bevelled edges demarcate each plank revealing the surface texture wonderfully. This results in a floor look that is timeless in style and appeal.

One of the big advantages of engineered wood flooring is their multi-layer design that makes them highly resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. As a result, these floors do not expand, contract or change their shape in response to atmospheric variations. So, you’ll have a stable floor underfoot during all seasons.

Engineered wood is easy to maintain too. Dry clean the floor with a vacuum or dry cloth on a daily basis to keep dust and dirt away. Moist-mop the floor occasionally using a well wrung-out mop to get rid of stains! This cleaning routine will help keep your floor good-looking and shining for several years.

These floors use the revolutionary click-lock system for installation. This system involves inserting planks into each other and locking them in place with a simple click. This method gives a stable fit without the use of glue or nails.

Adding to the convenient benefits is the compatibility of these wood floors with underfloor heating.

Basix Engineered Wood Reviews - Features at a Glance

  • An array of textures and colours to choose from
  • Robust 3-layered design imparts excellent durability to the floor
  • Surface treatments make the floors stunningly beautiful, wear and scratch-resistant and long-lasting
  • Bevelled edges enhance the authenticity of the floors further
  • Excellent resistance to temperature and humidity variations in the atmosphere
  • Click-lock technology makes installation easy and quick while ensuring a stable and strong floor
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Great for living areas, kitchens, hallways and conservatories
  • Affordable

Basix Engineered Wood Reviews - Our Verdict

Basix is a brand that offers great value for your money. You’ll have a floor boasting the rich classic beauty of wood without burdened by the drawbacks of solid hardwood. Solid wood can buckle with changes in the temperature. What’s more, these floors are very expensive.

The Basix Engineered Wood range addresses all these issues with its advanced design, surface treatments and installation method. The floors are designed to not just meet your needs but deliver more than your expectations.

These floors are also tuned to keep up with a variety of conveniences that modern buyers expect such as underfloor heating compatibility. These floors are also a wonderful choice when you demand a floor that’s beautiful, durable and strong.

Whether you are looking to spice up your traditional interiors, create a contrast for your modern décor or want to install a simply elegant floor for your minimalist interiors, Basix engineered floors are versatile products that fulfil your every need.

Get the best value for your money with this fabulous floor!

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Yarl Christie

Yarl is the Managing Director of Stories Flooring. started his career in the flooring industry by becoming a floor fitter at the age of 18 (2004). Yarl finally decided to move with the times and set up an online flooring store (Flooring Yorkshire, 2018). He works closely with the business managers and resource team to source new products from wholesalers, which in turn brings down the sale price. This enables Stories Flooring to be one of the leading UK flooring retailers.