Solid Wood Flooring Plank Dimensions

When you’re looking for a solid wood floor, you’ll quickly discover they come in a wide range of widths and thicknesses. This can make it difficult to know which floor is right for your home. While the different measurements in no way affect the quality of the floor, it is still useful to understand more about solid wood plank dimensions before you buy.

Here, you’ll learn more about plank dimensions and the things to keep in mind when choosing the best floor for the home.

Width – The width of the floor doesn’t affect the quality, but it will make a difference to how it looks and how versatile it is to install. You’ll find a variety of widths on offer, ranging from 50mm to over 400mm. Think about the size of the room you’ll be installing the floor into, along with the effect you’re hoping to achieve. If you choose a shorter width, it’s going to make the room look bigger, while a longer width will make it appear smaller.

Thickness – The thickness of solid wood flooring matters more than the width. It determines how durable and solid the floor will be. We stock solid wood floors ranging from 8mm to 22mm thick. The thicker the planks, the more times you’ll be able to sand them down and refinish them. If the floor isn’t being installed onto a solid base, you’ll need to ensure you invest in a thicker floor that’s a minimum of 18mm thick.

Length – Like the width of solid wood flooring, the length is largely a personal preference. It will affect how the floor visually looks, with longer planks best suited in larger, open spaces. The length can also impact how easy the floor is to install. Some of our solid wood floors come with a variety of lengths to ensure installation is easier.

Solid Wood Flooring Plank Dimensions


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