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How to Install Door Profiles

Door profiles are used to create a flawless finish. They sit between rooms, covering the gap within the doorway. They help to separate the rooms and remove sharp edges left over from your flooring installation.

They are also referred to as door thresholds or door bars. To ensure you reap the benefits of these bars, you need to ensure you are fitting them correctly. Here, we will provide a brief guide to help you install door profiles in the home.

How to Install Door Profiles by Stories Flooring

Removing the Old Door Profile

If the room has already been fitted with door profile, you will need to remove them. If they are screwed in, use a relevant screwdriver to remove them. If they are nailed down, you will need a prybar or hammer to remove them. For profiles secured down with adhesive, a utility knife should do the trick.

Once removed, vacuum or sweep the area to remove debris.

Consider Fitting a Cover Plate

There are different types of door profiles available. A cover plate is the easiest to install. These fit over both floor coverings between the door. They can be used with any type of flooring and can hide gaps and raw edges.

You will need your cover plate, a screwdriver and hacksaw. If you are working with a concrete subfloor, you will need plugs too. A metal file, tape measure and pencil are also useful.

How to Install a Cover Plate

To install a cover plate, begin by taking the door off its hinges. Measure the width of the door. You can then use a pencil to mark the width on the cover plate. Cut off any excess with the hacksaw before filing it down for a smooth finish.

Place the cover plate in the doorway and mark where the holes are. Screw the cover plate into place with the screws supplied. This will secure it to the subfloor. If working with a concrete subfloor, use a drill and plugs instead.

Finish by re-hanging the door. It is a straightforward and simple process you can do by yourself.

How to Install a Door Profile

The installation of a standard door profile is similar to a cover plate. Measure the width of the door and mark on the profile where it needs to be cut.

There are different types of door profiles available. If you are bridging two different types of flooring, a recessed door profile will ne required. Clamp the profile into place and use a circular saw to cut it to size. Use sandpaper to smooth the edges.

Place the profile in the doorway. Ensure the holes are above the flooring. If you are installing the profile under carpet, tuck the carpet underneath. Open and close the door to check that it fits correctly.

Drill holes into the profile. These should be a little smaller than the mounting screws. Place the profile back into the doorway and hammer the nails into place. If you are working with a concrete subfloor, you will need to glue the profile down.

The above is a brief guide on how to install door profiles. Ensure you are using the correct door profile to match your flooring. If you don’t know which profile to use, give our friendly flooring experts a call today.