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Tuscan Modelli

Tuscan Modelli

The Tuscan Modelli range of engineered hardwood floors is crafted with the timeless appeal of the herringbone pattern. Featuring elegant design and striking shades that catch the eye immediately, these floors can become the focal point in any living space. These captivating floors are a top choice when you want the elegance of solid hardwood on a budget.

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Tuscan Modelli Details

There are two stunning floors in this collection for you to choose from. The shades range from black stained to medium brown. The top surface is solid hardwood with all its imperfections, stains and knots highlighted perfectly.

The surface has an exceptional oiled finish and is further brushed to further enhance the glamour of these magnificent floors. The oiling protects the surface from staining, scratches, abrasions and other wear and tear. You can re-sand the surface many times over but with Tuscan’s guarantee of a high-quality product, this won’t be necessary at least for a decade.

The floors are extremely durable too. The core layer is constructed by fusing two layers of top-grade plywood that add to their strength and stability. These exquisite floors are ideal for homes and premises that see light activity.

Tuscan Modelli engineered hardwood floors are highly resilient to changes in temperature and humidity too. Unlike hardwood floors, these Tuscan engineered wood floors do not bulge, swell or dent when exposed to hot and humid conditions. You can confidently install these floors in most living spaces including conservatories.

The floors are also perfectly compatible with underfloor heating equipment.

Maintaining these floors is very easy. Daily vacuuming combined with weekly mopping will keep them in perfect condition for years.

Tuscan Modelli floors are installed through the tongue and groove mechanism. The planks are simply attached to each other for sturdy joints and tapped into place. The entire installation process is quick, glue-less and simple.

Tuscan Modelli

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