Quick-Step Livyn Ambient Glue Plus

Quick-Step Livyn Ambient Glue Plus

Quick-Step Livyn Ambient Glue Plus is a range of luxury vinyl tile flooring. The collection is extremely popular for its combination of stunning beauty and practical convenience.

If you are looking for a floor that gives you the luxurious look of natural wood or stone without the drawbacks of high maintenance and great cost, then Quick-Step Livyn Ambient Plus is just for you!

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Quick-Step Livyn Ambient Glue Plus Details

Floors in this collection depict the realness, including grain and cut details of wood and smooth textures of natural stone, brilliantly. They come in eye-catching styles and colours.

Tiles feature a surface with V-grooves and edges that are bevelled. This design is responsible for delivering the stunning natural look of wood and stone to Quick-Step Livyn Ambient Plus floors.

These floor tiles feature a proprietary Stain and Scratch Guard on top. This protective layer makes the floors resistant to stains, scratches, and moisture.

These floors are great for any room, including bathrooms and kitchens. They offer complete peace of mind, especially if you have kids and pets. As they are completely waterproof, you can clean the floors by washing them.

The Livyn Ambient Plus range comes with an extra layer of thickness, which makes them highly efficient in absorbing sounds. Be it heavy footsteps, falling objects or other irritating noises, your floor will not complain!

The extra thickness of Quick-Step Livyn makes the floors good at conserving and conducting heat. This efficiency translates into great warmth for your home in colder seasons.

These floors come with a multiple-layer design, which imparts excellent stability. An ultra-thick wear layer measuring 0.55mm means you can re-sand the floor many times – this means you'll have a beautiful and well-performing floor for long.

You also get an impressive 25-year warranty on the floors.

Stories Flooring offers Quick-Step Livyn Ambient Plus floors at exciting prices. We can exceed any other price quote in affordability.