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Engineered Beech Flooring

Engineered Beech Flooring

Create a distinct and stylish look to the home with our engineered beech flooring. The light, airy colour of these floors creates a traditional and timeless look. They are available in many different finishes.

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About Engineered Beech Floors

Engineered beech flooring opens up the room with its light, airy design. It offers a chic and sophisticated finish. One feature of this type of wood is its uniformed grain. This creates a flawless and smooth look.

Another unique feature of beech flooring is that it darkens over time. This further enhances its appeal. The actual colour of the floor will depend upon which part of the tree it was taken from. Heartwood flooring will contain a warm brown colour with red undertones. Sapwood on the other hand, creates a pale white colour. 

Beech is also a harder wood than red oak. This means its floors can perform well against moderate to heavy foot traffic. They are also shock resistant, adding to their lifespan. An added benefit is natural scratch resistance. The finish applied to the floors also enhances this scratch resistance. 

Sometimes wooden flooring can fade when exposed to the sun. However, beech is also naturally sun resistant. This means it will not fade in sunny spots compared to other wood species. You can install these floors with underfloor heating too. This allows you to benefit from year-round comfort whatever the weather. 

The only thing to watch out for with this type of flooring is staining. Unlike oak, beech does not react well to staining. This limits the finishes that can be applied. 

Installing Engineered Beech Flooring

You should find engineered beech flooring easy to install. Your new floor will come with full instructions you can follow.

Most are fitted with a tongue and groove system. This slots the planks into place, securing them together. You can create a floating floor just using the system alone. Or for a more secure fit, glue or nail the floor down.

Be aware that nailing beech wood can be risky. It is more prone to splitting than some other wood types. Therefore, you will need to do it very gently if you plan to nail it down. Glue or a floating floor method is best for beech flooring. 

We have a wide range of engineered beech flooring in stock. If you can not find a beech floor that suits you then browse our full collection of engineered wood flooring and take advantage of our free samples. 

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