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Basix Engineered Wood

Basix Engineered Wood

Basix is a great option if you are looking for an economical alternative to hardwood. These are one of our most popular rages in our engineered wood floors collection. What’s more, these floors are easy to maintain, easy to install, highly durable and extremely affordable.

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Basix Floor Details

Basix Multiply Flooring

The Basix Multiply Flooring range features engineered wood floors that offer superior performance and stunning visual appeal. These floors feature a multi-layer design where several layers of wood are combined together in a high-pressure high-temperature environment. A layer of veneer made of real wood sits on the top surface. The result is a floor that looks breathtakingly beautiful and is highly durable.

Basix Wood floors feature a top layer made of high-quality hardwood. This layer imparts the genuine look and feel of hardwood. The top layer is backed by other design layers, all of which impart great stability to the floor.

The multi-layer design of Basix planks makes these floors resistant to warping and shrinking. Unlike solid wood, which expands, contracts or bends in response to environmental changes, these floors undergo only minimal shape changes. This means you’ll have a warm and stable floor underfoot all year round.

Being multi-layered, Basix Wood floors have great tolerance for moisture. They are not as easily damaged as solid wood floors on exposure to moisture. This characteristic makes these floors an excellent choice for moisture-prone areas such as kitchens. These floors are not suitable for bathrooms though. You can use these floors for dining areas, bedrooms, hallway, living rooms and conservatories too.

The Basix engineered wood floors feature the revolutionary click-lock system, which makes installation a breeze. The tongue of one plank is inserted into the groove of the adjacent plank, and “click-locked” together for a stable fit. The installation does not require glue or nails, which makes the process mess-free, easy and quick.

These floors are compatible with underfloor heating and are strong enough to withstand direct heat. A regular cleaning routine will help keep your floor clean and good-looking for years to come.

When you are looking for gorgeous and practical floors, Basix wood range of floors fits the bill. With Stories Flooring, you get these floors at the lowest prices. Explore the entire collection today to take your pick.

The Basix Multiply Flooring range is available in a variety of oak shades and textures. The floors feature different finish treatments, which enhance the aesthetics, add to the durability and provide superior protection against dirt, moisture, scratches and wear and tear.

The multilayer design makes Basix Multiply Flooring super stable and highly comfortable underfoot. This design makes the floors highly moisture-proof and tolerant of changes in the environment. This means that your floor won’t change shape even when there’s a shift in humidity or temperature. Rest assured, your floor will not wobble, creak or show other signs of damage during different seasons.

The Basix Multiply Flooring range is available in different installation options, each of which makes the process easy and quick. This can be invaluable in commercial spaces where time is of the essence.

In addition to the standard nail-down method where the floor is installed over a plywood subfloor using nails, the Basix Multiply floors can also be installed using floating and stick-down methods.

The floors will look as good as new for a long time with little maintenance. Keep the floor free of dust and dirt by dry mopping, vacuuming or sweeping every day. Cleaning spills is very easy. Simply wipe the spot immediately after a spill.

With its irresistible good looks and immense benefits, the Basix Multiply Flooring range is an option you shouldn’t miss. Grab your choice of floor at the lowest price at Stories Flooring. Check out the entire collection right away!

Basix Engineered Wood

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