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Atkinson & Kirby Solid Wood Flooring

Atkinson & Kirby Solid Wood Flooring

If you are looking for variety and quality in engineered wood flooring, then the Atkinson & Kirby Engineered Wood collection is an excellent choice. This range comes from Atkinson & Kirby, a brand that is known the world over for its authentic wood flooring for over 100 years.

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Atkinson & Kirby Solid Wood Flooring Details..

These wood floors are available in unfinished and prefinished options. Unfinished floors give you the benefit of choosing a finish of your choice.

Prefinished floors feature a lacquer finish, which enhances their looks and adds to their durability. The general wear resistance is also greatly improved. So, you can use these floors in heavy traffic areas and spaces that see rough use such as homes with a large family including active kids and pets.

The lacquer finish makes these floors highly dust-resistant as dry dust and dirt find it difficult to stick to the surface. They are resistant to spills, scratches and stains. As a result, cleaning these floors is a breeze.

Simply sweep the floor using a soft-bristled broom to prevent dust and dirt accumulation. Do this daily if the area sees heavy traffic. Use a damp cloth or mop to remove sticky dust and dirt, and stubborn stains. Do this twice a week in heavy traffic areas. For areas that see less traffic and usage, you could keep it to once a month. After damp-mopping, allow the surface to dry well.

With the right maintenance, the Atkinson & Kirby floors can last for generations!

These floors come in different grades including prime, rustic and natural. If you are looking for a detailed texture with rings, knots and other details clearly visible, then rustic floors are an excellent choice. Prime and natural grades give you less-detailed floors with a smoother and cleaner surface.

Available in different wood species including maple, oak and walnut, Atkinson & Kirby Solid Wood floors bring to your interiors the freshness and class that’s unique to solid hardwood flooring.

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