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15.01.18 Advice

Flooring Underlay - What is it and Why You Need it?

Written by: Yarl Christie

When it comes to flooring installation, it's not just about choosing the right design and colours. It is also about deciding how the flooring will be installed. You will also need to discuss flooring underlay with your flooring installation company. Here is what you need to know about flooring underlay and why it is important for a good flooring installation.

What is Flooring Underlay?

To put it simply, flooring underlay is a thin layer of cushioning that is placed underneath the floor. Flooring underlay can be made of materials such as foam, sponge rubber and also from recycled fibres. These materials provide thermal insulation, which makes them the perfect choice for flooring underlays.

Types of Flooring Underlay

Are you confused about choosing the right type of flooring underlay for your floor? The simple thing to do is to check the type of sub-floor. If the sub-floor is wooden, any type of flooring underlay can be used.

However, if the sub-floor is concrete, you will need an underlay that comes with a built-in Damp Proof Membrane (DPM). This DPM is useful in preventing any moisture from reaching the floor planks and damaging the floor.

Benefits of Flooring Underlay

Instead of directly installing your flooring over a concrete or wooden sub-floor, it is better to have a layer of flooring underlay beneath the final installation. There are many benefits of installing flooring underlay.

  • Increased Comfort - Apart from providing thermal insulation, flooring underlay also increases the comfort of the floor when walked on.
  • Reduction in Noise - Flooring underlay is extremely useful in reducing the noise that is transmitted through the floor. If your flooring is prone to a lot of foot traffic or movement of equipment, you must make sure you have flooring underlay for your office.
  • Eliminate Uneven Subfloors - Uneven subfloors can cause a lot of problems when it comes to new floor installations. Installing a flooring underlay can eliminate this disadvantage completely. A flooring underlay creates a level base for your new floor. Flooring underlay made from solid wood fibres is increasingly used for covering uneven subfloors in many homes and offices.

Choosing the Right Flooring and Flooring Underlay

When you are building or renovating a dream home or office, you want nothing but the best. Just like you choose a flooring product that suits your space, choose the right flooring underlay to boost your floor's durability and strength.