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29.09.19 Advice

Solid Oak Vs Maple Flooring - What is Best?

Written by: Yarl Christie

When it comes to hardwood flooring, Oak and maple are the most popular options. Both these floors boast stunning looks and excellent features that make them ideal for residential and commercial spaces.

But how do you choose between solid oak and maple flooring? This guide aims to help you choose the right flooring for your needs.

Traditional Vs Contemporary

It is oak wood that naturally comes to mind when one thinks of traditional hardwood flooring. Red and white oak are preferred for the traditional mood. Solid oak flooring have beautiful grain details, which impart a classic and luxurious look to the floors. They are also full of character, thanks to these details.

Solid Oak Vs Maple Flooring

Maple boasts a contemporary and stylish vibe. The floor finish is light and natural, and the grain pattern on the wood is subtle. These features work well for spaces that need a clean, smooth and natural look such as hallways, dining area and living spaces in your home or at the reception area in the office.

Availability of Colours and Textures

Oak is available in a variety of colours and textures. Solid oak flooring are more tolerant of custom staining, which means you can have a floor stained in the desired colour to suit your interiors.

Oak offers a great choice in textures too. If you are looking for a clean, smooth look with minimal grains and details, opt for prime grade Oak. For those interested in heavy grains and character, the rustic oakwood grade offers immense choice.

Maple is less grainy than oak. However, the lack of grain makes the wood more responsive to factory staining. When you are looking for a very specific colour to match your décor, maple hardwood is more likely to meet your needs.

Oak is usually available in darker shades while maple with its neutral and lighter shades is preferred for brightening up interiors.

Performance and Durability

Whether you choose a solid maple or oak floor, it all depends on your personal taste and budget. It’s a good idea to order a sample before you make your mind.

Both maple and oak floors boast excellent performance. Their durability, in fact, depends on factors such as exposure to moisture and the installation method.

Solid oak floors are more reliable for areas that experience heavy traffic areas and can be re-sanded and refinished more easily compared to maple floors.

Further, oak flooring with heavy grains are better at hiding tiny scratches, dents, stains and other imperfections resulting from daily wear.

Solid oak flooring is pricier than solid maple floors, but they offer a greater return on investment in the long run.

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