Egger is known as one of the leading flooring manufacturers in the world, offering a fantastic selection of high-quality laminates.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: November 29, 2019

Advantages of Egger Laminate Flooring

If you’re thinking of investing in laminate flooring, you’ll find there are lots of different brands to choose from. Egger has many advantages and is known as one of the leading flooring manufacturers in the world, offering a fantastic selection of high-quality laminates.

Here, we’ll look at some of the main benefits of choosing Egger laminate flooring for your property and what you can expect if you invest in this quality range.

Highest Quality Laminate

One thing you can guarantee when you’re investing in Egger laminate flooring, is that you’ll be receiving one of the highest quality floors on the market.

EGGER PRO Aqua+ Classic 8mm Cesena Oak White EPL143Product: EGGER PRO Aqua+ Classic 8mm Cesena Oak White EPL143

Egger is renowned for its exceptional quality products. From sourcing only the finest materials to create their floors, to the exceptional design of each plank and the incredible quality click systems added for easy installation – every single step of the manufacture and production process of their floors is carried out to the highest standards. Discover more about how to install laminate flooring here.

Superb Durability

Speaking of processing, the way Egger processes its floors creates a remarkably durable product. They are resistant to high levels of wear and tear and the brands focus is on developing the longest lasting laminates, giving customers incredible value for money.

Each laminate floor in the Egger collection is designed to be durable even in the face of abrasion. This means, they’re even suitable to be safely used in high traffic areas. You’ll also find they are fade resistant, so you can install them in areas with high levels of natural sunlight with total peace of mind.

Egger Floors Can be Installed Practically Anywhere

You’ll find a huge choice of designs in the Egger laminate flooring collection. Some even feature exclusive Aqua+ technology. This makes the planks fully waterproof, allowing them to be installed in areas of the home or business where laminate would otherwise be deemed unsuitable.

The extensive range of designs also means there will be something in the collection to perfectly match your existing home décor. As many of the floors in the Egger laminate range also allow for full-surface gluing, they can easily and safely be installed in large commercial environments.

Available in Various Thicknesses

There are several Egger laminate collections, and each boasts a variety of depths. The Egger Pro Classic range features a 7mm or 8mm depth, which is surprisingly thick for laminate flooring. However, it’s not the thickest option available. It also offers laminate flooring with a 12mm depth. So, whatever level of comfort and durability you’re looking for, you’ll find something to suit you in this remarkable collection.

The warranties offered on the floors are also substantial. Even the thinnest laminates have a warranty of 15 years, while the thickest laminates boast an impressive 25-year guarantee.

Hygienic Floors & Low Maintenance

The laminate floors in the Egger collection are well-sealed to ensure they repel dirt, while their anti-static properties protect against dust. This makes them one of the most hygienic floors on the market, particularly ideal for allergy sufferers.

EGGER PRO AquaPlus Classic 8mm Dark Langley Walnut EPL067Product: EGGER PRO AquaPlus Classic 8mm Dark Langley Walnut EPL067

As the floors are really easy to clean and maintain, this also adds to their hygienic design. This is makes EGGER laminate flooring a great choice of floor for pet owners and kids. They are also extremely comfortable underfoot, and can even be installed alongside underfloor heating for added comfort.

EGGER is Passionate about Sustainability

Worried about the state of the environment? By choosing an Egger laminate floor, you can rest assured you’re investing in a sustainable flooring solution. The brand is passionate about protecting the environment, making sustainability one of its top priorities.

All of its materials are taken from sustainable forests, but that’s not where its sustainability benefits stop. In fact, the brand boasts its own environment cycle. After taking wood from sustainable forests, it is felled within the company’s sawmill, which has direct links to the local railway network. This allows the company to transport its products in a more environmentally friendly manner.

During wood production, Egger makes sure it uses internationally certified environmental and energy management systems, and for each of its basic laminates, it provides Environmental Product Declarations to give customers a transparent look into how environmentally friendly the floor is. All recycled wood is recycled into chipboard, while unusable Biogenic fuels are turned into green electricity as well as heat in Egger’s very own biomass power plants.

So, when it comes to sustainable flooring, Egger certainly lead the way, making them a great choice for the eco-conscious buyer.

There are lots of reasons to invest in an Egger laminate floor. The above is just some of the brands unique benefits. Stories Flooring is proud to be one of the few trusted distributors to supply the Egger laminate collection.

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