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03.01.18 Advice

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Review & A Buyer's Guide

Written by: Yarl Christie

Looking for the best laminate flooring for your home or office? Whether you are looking for a flooring that fits your budget or you want a floor that matches your decor, the options are limitless. Quick-Step laminate flooring may just be the solution to your quest for the perfect flooring.

About Quick-Step

Quick-Step laminate flooring is a brand manufactured by the Belgian company, Unilin. Besides laminate flooring, Unilin also produces MDF, melamine, chipboard and all other materials that make up laminate flooring. So, you know you are buying from a company that knows the ins and outs of laminate flooring.


Quick-Step was the first to launch the click-lock system for joining laminate boards under the brand name Uniclic. This click-and-lock technology is now followed by almost every other laminate manufacturing company worldwide.


Some of their lines like Sculptique, Modello, and Eligna offer laminate planks that are 54" in length. Most brands usually offer 48" planks, which quite often create end-plank seams. With longer planks from Quick-Step this problem can be easily avoided.

Quick-Step laminate flooring also comes with anti-static treatment that can control static. So you can be relieved that you will not get uncomfortable shocks on cold winter mornings.

Quick-Step laminate flooring comes with a warranty that covers the materials.

Why Quick-Step?

Real stone and wooden floors are very expensive and may not suit every home owner's budget. That’s where laminate floors seal the deal with their realistic stone and wood designs.

Quick-Step laminate floors are available in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and finishes to suit your decor. Installation is easy and quick and you can settle into your new premises almost immediately after the installation is completed.

Talk to the Experts

A lot of homeowners who consider installing laminates are influenced by what they have seen at someone else's home. However, no two homes are similar. The structure and layout of the floor can differ considerably even if they are located in the same neighbourhood. Quick-Step laminate floors are available in a variety of sizes, textures, colours and designs to suit all your flooring needs and budget.

If you are still wondering about finding that perfect vinyl flooring, talk to the Quick-Step laminate experts at Stories Flooring. Quick-Step laminate flooring can last for years with good maintenance and you can be happy with the money you spend. You cannot go wrong with this one for sure!