Quick-Step from UNILIN is a globally renowned brand of laminate flooring. Keep reading to learn about the features and benefits of these floors.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: June 04, 2018

Quick-Step Classic Laminate Flooring Review

Quick-Step from UNILIN is a globally renowned brand of laminate flooring. Its floors are known for their superior looks and designs. However, when you’re searching for a new floor, it isn’t just how it will look that you need to consider. The modern buyer seeks more, be it in terms of cost, or quality.

So, does the Quick-Step Classic range of laminate flooring deliver more? Absolutely!

Quick-Step Classic collection combines the power of innovation and technology to deliver floors that are beautiful, high-performing, and long-lasting. Let’s look at this popular range in detail with our in-depth review…

Quick-Step Classic In-Depth Review

The Classic range mesmerises with its stunning wood-style designs. If you look closely, you’ll discover the meticulousness that has gone into the aesthetics.

Each floor mimics natural wood to the highest standard thanks to the use of the latest technology. The multi-layer construction of the floors feature a design layer, which uses a high-resolution photo of the wood that the floor replicates.

Quick-Step Classic Bleached White Oak CLM1291Product: Quick-Step Classic Bleached White Oak CLM1291

This photo is created using advanced printing technology, which ensures a high level of resemblance to solid hardwood. The melamine resin layer finish ensures that the laminate retains its stunning looks for many years.

From dark, light, and medium, to everything in between; you’ll find a variety of shades to suit any interior in the Classic range. Each is meant to deliver long-lasting aesthetics.

These floors will stay trendy and stylish for years to come. In short, they offer timeless appeal. The question is, will they last under the pressures of everyday family life?

Quick-Step Classic Durability Review

The Quick-Step Classic floors are highly scratch-resistant thanks to the innovative Scratch Guard technology. This helps to protect them against scratches much more than your average laminate. In fact, according to the manufacturer, these floors are up to 10 times more scratch resistant than other products. The wear-resistant top layer also offers protection against the impact of falling objects, sharp objects, burns, and household chemicals.

Quick-Step Classic Laminate Flooring Review - Quick-Step Classic Old Oak Grey CLM1382Product: Quick-Step Classic Old Oak Grey CLM1382

The Classic range is also moisture-resistant thanks to the glued HDF core board. As a result, the floors handle splashes, and spills with panache! However, it isn’t fully waterproof. This means you should avoid installing it in areas such as the bathroom. Excess water could leak through to the joints of the floor, causing them to warp and become damaged over time.

You’ll also find they are resistant to colour fading which can occur because of exposure to sunlight, or through the dragging of furniture. Thanks to a permanent anti-static treatment, the Classic floors repel dust and dirt effectively. This means with minimal maintenance, there is no build-up of dust, ensuring a healthier interior.

The Balancing Layer in the design imparts exceptional stability to these floors. You’ll find the floor stable and firm underfoot. In fact, it is stable enough that your floor won’t succumb to warping or cupping over time.

You won’t need to spend hours maintaining these floors. All you’ll need to do is give them a daily hoover or sweep to keep dirt and dust at bay.

The Classic range is certainly designed with durability in mind. So, how easy are they to install?


Easy installation is another major highlight of the Quick-Step Classic flooring range. These floors feature a patented Uniclic click system, which makes installation as easy as clicking the planks into place. With Uniclic, installation is quick, easy, and economical. You won’t need to call out the professionals, even if you have no prior floor-fitting experience.

The click system installation delivers a gap-free, firm floor that is completely even. As a result, you can expect minimal wear and tear along the plank’s edges.

Quick-Step Classic Laminate Features at a Glance

  • Highly authentic wood looks
  • Variety of shades
  • Long-lasting looks thanks to their high-end design layer with melamine finish
  • Patented Scratch Guard technology, ensures 10 times more scratch resistance
  • Excellent resistance against damage by household chemicals, burns, and impact of falling and heavy objects
  • Superior protection against spills and splashes
  • Excellent resistance to fading
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Exceptional stability
  • The patented Uniclic system makes installation easy, fast, stable, and economical

Quick-Step Classic Havanna Oak Natural CLM1655
Product: Quick-Step Classic Havanna Oak Natural CLM1655

Quick-Step Classic Review Conclusion

Variety is synonymous withQuick-Step Classiclaminate flooring. This range will bowl you over with its variety of patterns, shades, and effects. The excellent quality and practical features ensure that this flooring range offers more than just its stunning looks.

When you are looking for the best flooring deal, this range won’t disappoint. Providing superior quality at a discounted cost, this laminate collection is suitable for all tastes and budgets.

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