The Quick-Step Arte range of laminate flooring has been specially crafted to add a unique touch of class and elegance to your interiors, lending a special charm to each room.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: May 28, 2018

Quick-Step Arte Laminate Flooring Review

The Quick-Step Arte range of laminate flooring has been specially crafted to add a unique touch of class and elegance to your interiors. These exclusive tiles feature an excellent finish and lend a special charm to each room, making it look exceptionally beautiful.

These stylish, large format tiles perfectly combine the alluring beauty of tiled floors with all the practicality of laminate. With low maintenance and extreme durability, these laminate tiles are perfect for busy families and commercial spaces.

These floors last for years, making them an ideal long-term investment when you want sturdy laminate floors that retain their dazzle and opulence.

This in-depth review takes you through the several exceptional features of these laminate tiles.

Quick-Step Arte In-Depth Review

The Arte range features large format tiles with incredible similarity to natural stone. This collection offers an assortment of seven tiles in an array of unique patterns, textures, hues and finishes.

The tiles in this collection show incredible resemblance to marble, concrete and other common natural stones. The surface of each individual tile is textured and polished to further enhance the look and feel of authentic tiled floors.

These exquisite tiles feature micro-bevels and are grooved all around to make them look exactly like tiled floors. This range features a spectrum of exclusive shades ranging from the light and breezy Carrara Marble to the highly polished Concrete Dark.

The tiles in the Arte collection are 9.5mm thick. The surface of each tile is protected from scratches and abrasions by a coating of melamine resin that also acts as a barrier against dust and allergens.

This coating is also highly effective in protecting these beautiful tiles from fading.

The laminate tiles are further protected from the impact of moisture, damp and humidity through the exclusive water-resistant technology. This particular technology makes the surface almost water-proof. As a result, these floors can be safely installed in bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and other humid areas.

The Quick-Step Arte range of laminate floors can be installed quickly thanks to the Uniclic system, a technology pioneered by Quick-step. The tiles can be simply clicked and joined in place for a sturdy floor with exceptional stability.

The entire process is simple and absolutely glue-free.

Maintaining these laminate floors is very easy too. Regular dusting and weekly mopping will help retain the beauty and glaze of these brilliant tiles. This makes the floors just perfect for busy families.

These floors are also perfectly compatible with underfloor heating systems.

Quick-Step Arte Laminate Features at a Glance

  • Classy, large format laminate tiles
  • These floors look incredible similarity to natural stone floors
  • 9.5mm thick tiles with an outstanding finish
  • Micro-bevelled edges with grooves on all the four sides
  • Top-quality, scratch resistant laminate tiles
  • Splash warranty through unique water-resistant technology
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot
  • Quick, simple; glue-less installation through Uniclic technology
  • Compatible with under-floor heating
  • Easy on maintenance
  • 25-year warranty on domestic installations

Our Verdict

The Arte range of laminate tiles from Quick-step is an excellent choice when you want the dazzle of natural stone floors without the maintenance hassles.

These large format tiles will make any space look expansive and opulent with their exotic designs and excellent finish. They last for years and are a perfect choice for any spaces in your home and office.

We highly recommend this laminate floor. It is sure to transform even the humblest of space into a smart, stylish abode of your dreams.

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