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Wondering whether to invest in LVT or engineered wood flooring? Read which is a better flooring option for you.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: August 30, 2022

LVT Vs Engineered Wood Flooring

Wondering whether to invest in LVT or engineered wood flooring? Thanks to advancements in the industry, LVT (luxury vinyl tile) floors feature hyper-realistic designs that look just like the real thing. This means that aesthetically, there is very little difference between the two.

Invisible Natural Oil LOC Engineered European Oak Herringbone 14-3mm x 110mmProduct: Invisible Natural Oil LOC Engineered European Oak Herringbone 14-3mm x 110mm

So, how do choose between LVT and engineered flooring if they look almost identical? In this blog, we will reveal the key things to consider before choosing the right flooring type for your home or business.

What is LVT Flooring Made From?

LVT flooring is a multi-layered floor, mostly made from PVC. It contains a photographic top layer to make it look identical to real wood or stone.

LVT flooring is a multi-layered floor, mostly made from PVCPVC is mixed with several other compounds, and the layers are compressed together to create a sturdy flooring solution.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring Made From?

Engineered wood flooring is manufactured using a multi-layered construction using a combination of real and synthetic wood. The surface is made from solid wood, while the other layers are made from plywood.

As the surface is created from real wood, it looks identical to the real thing. The only difference is that it is slightly thinner than most solid wood flooring.

Which is Waterproof?

LVT floors are mostly fully waterproof, meaning you can install them anywhere in the home.

Engineered wood floors benefit from slight water resistance. This means they can withstand spills provided they are cleaned up quickly. However, one of the cons of engineered hardwood floors is that there are no fully waterproof version so you should never install them in high-moisture rooms.

Comparing Durability

LVT floors come in a range of thicknesses. This can impact the durability of the floor. They are largely wear resistant, offering great scratch and stain resistance. You’ll also find luxury vinyl tiles really easy to keep clean and maintain. Most LVT floors will last at least a decade, and some even feature a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

One of the main benefits of engineered wood floors is that they are easy to clean and maintain. They also do not warp or become damaged by slight moisture and temperature changes. While they will still expand and shrink throughout the year, they can withstand higher fluctuations in temperature and moisture, making them more practical in the home than solid wood.

In terms of scratch resistance, LVT tends to be the better option. It can also withstand higher fluctuations than any wooden floor. This makes it the more practical choice of flooring for pet owners out of the two.

Installing LVT vs Engineered Wood Flooring

LVT floors can be slightly easier to install than engineered wood floors if they contain a click system. However, most LVT floors need to be installed using the Gluedown method.

LVT Vs Engineered Wood Flooring - Installing LVT flooring by Stories Flooring

Engineered wood floors mostly feature a tongue and groove method. This is straightforward to do, but it will take a little more time than LVT click installation.

LVT Vs Engineered Wood Flooring - Installing engineered wood by Stories Flooring

As you don’t need to secure the floor down like you do with solid wood flooring, you should still be able to carry out the installation yourself.

Room Suitability

You can install LVT and engineered wood floors in pretty much the same areas. However, as LVT floors benefit from a 100% waterproof design, you can potentially install them in high-moisture areas. this makes it an ideal floor for bathrooms.

Holland Park Parquet Heritage Oak 2008Product: Holland Park Parquet Heritage Oak 2008

Engineered wood floors are never suitable for moisture prone settings. We do recommend you do not install your engineered wooden floors in bathrooms or other water prone areas.

Kahrs Artisan Concrete Oak 151XCDEKFMKW195Product: Kahrs Artisan Concrete Oak 151XCDEKFMKW195

Comparing Insulation

LVT and engineered floors can be installed with underfloor heating systems. This helps to enhance their warmth and comfort all year round. This is one of the biggest advantages of engineered wood flooring, that makes people choose it for their home as opposed to solid wood flooring. You can read more about solid wood vs engineered wood floors here.

Installing underlay with lvt or engineered wood flooring to increase insulation

Both provide the same level of noise, though some LVT products may be slightly noisier to walk over. If sound is a concern, install an underlay with sound reducing benefits.

LVT & Engineered Wood Styles & Effects

LVT floors come in a huge variety of styles and effects. They feature wood, stone and abstract effect designs. Engineered wood floors feature the same style and effects as solid wood, including oiled, lacquered, brushed, hand-scraped finishes.

Quick-Step Livyn Ambient Click Black Slate AMCL40035 Is A Stone Tile Effect LVTProduct: Quick-Step Livyn Ambient Click Black Slate AMCL40035 Is A Stone Tile Effect LVT

Both LVT and engineered wood offer different types of parquet, herringbone and straight plank laying patters. LVT also offers stone tile laying patterns.

Comparison Table

LVT Flooring Engineered Wood Flooring
Construction Multi-layer PVC construction Multi-layer real and synthetic wood
Waterproof Yes No
Durability Can last up to 30+ years Can last up to 30+ years
Installation Click or Gluedown installation Tongue and groove / Floating
Room Suitability All rooms Kitchen, basement, conservatory, lounge, dining room, hallway, bedroom
Insulation Suitable for use with underfloor heating Warm underfoot, produces some noise which can be limited with a sound reducing underlay. Can be installed with underfloor heating
Effects & Finishes Wood effects, abstract designs, stone effects Wood effects
Laying Patterns Stone Tile, Wood Plank, Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles & Basket-Weave Plank, Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles & Basket-Weave



When trying to decide between LVT and engineered wood flooring, it’s important to consider where you are installing the floor. The above are just some of the factors you’ll need to keep in mind. If you need further help determining which type of flooring is right for your home or business, give our friendly experts a call today.

Infographic: Engineered Wood Vs LVT Comparison

Download the Engineered Wood Vs LVT Comparison Infographic Here

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