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The Kahrs World collection of engineered wood flooring features glamorous floors with stunning designs in bold and exciting patterns.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: March 29, 2019

Kahrs Original World Collection Review

The Kahrs Original World Collection features glamorous floors with stunning designs in bold and exciting patterns. The floors have been specially fashioned to merge with the décor in different parts of the world. As a global leader in engineered floors, Kahrs flooring adorns homes in over 70 nations and the World collection is testimony to that.

These eco-friendly floors are manufactured using high quality materials and conform to the highest manufacturing standards. They can be enjoyed for decades both in your residence and any commercial space.

This in-depth review gives you a glimpse into the features that make this collection truly unique and outstanding.

Kahrs Original World Collection In-Depth Review

The top layer of these unusual floors is solid Jarrah wood, one of the most striking timbers available for carpentry. The planks in each pack feature variations in shade that gives a stunning patterned look to the floors.

The shades vary from bright red to warm reddish browns to deep brown. With such vibrant colours, this one-of-a-kind floor has the power to make any interior look uber cool and truly international.

The surface is finished with a stunning satin lacquer coating that makes the floors look more glamorous; colourful and arresting. The lacquer layer also protects the floors from scratches, stains and impact of daily wear and tear.

The three strip; wide length planks feature square edges that give a seamless, infinite look to the floors.

Being engineered, the floors are resilient to seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Unlike solid hardwood floors, they don’t swell up or buckle easily in hot and humid conditions. You can safely install them in most living spaces including your greenhouses.

The floors are also compatible with underfloor heating.

The multi-layer construction process used to manufacture these floors makes the core extremely sturdy. Added to that is a robust 15mm thickness that makes these floors extremely tough and durable. You can safely install them in areas with heavy impact and high foot-fall.

The floors are completely free of any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, isocyanates or toxic solvents. They are totally eco-friendly and keep your interiors fresh and healthy.

The planks are joined through the Woodloc technology pioneered by Kahrs. The technology makes the joints extremely strong and firm. The floors are installed as floating floors or glue down method for added stability.

Maintaining these charismatic floors is super easy and quick. Regular vacuuming and weekly mopping will keep your floor clean and shining.

The floors are also extremely soft and comfortable underfoot.

Kahrs Original World Collection Features at a Glance

  • Glamorous and bold engineered floors with clean even, grade
  • Indistinguishable similarity to solid hardwood floors
  • Three strip planks in satin lacquer finish
  • 15mm thick, wide length planks
  • Square edges for a seamless look
  • Strong and durable floors
  • Resilient to fluctuations in temperature and humidity
  • Eco-friendly floors with no toxic emissions
  • Strong and firm joints through the patented Woodloc technology
  • Compatible with under-floor heating
  • Easy on maintenance
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot

Our Verdict

We highly recommend this exquisite floor when you want to create a look of global finesse in your interiors. With stunning patterns and vibrant shades, the floors lend an international look to any space.

Perfect for both residential and commercial use, these robust floors last for decades. They are sure to increase the value of any property and score high on both practicality and functionality. Once installed, you can enjoy them with complete peace of mind.

You can browse our Kahrs Original World Collection we have in stock ready to order. Or, if you need a cheaper alternative why not consider the Lusso engineered wood flooring range?

Lusso Engineered Wood Flooring

Excellent alternative flooring to the Kahrs Original World Collection


Developed by our very own experts, Lusso engineered wood flooring is an incredible range of affordable yet striking floors. They look just like solid wood, offering the same level of details as the Kahrs Original World collection. You’ll find them easy to fit thanks to the tongue and groove system, and they are suitable to be used with underfloor heating.

These floors come in a good choice of designs, guaranteeing everyone can save on their dream floor. Just some of the finishes available include oiled, brushed, lacquered, and smoked. The floors come with a protective surface, keeping them safe from daily wear and tear. When you purchase a Lusso engineered wood floor, it comes with a brilliant 25-year manufacturer warranty.

Check out the full Lusso engineered wood range now, or reach out to our friendly customer service team with any questions you have.

available in a stunning selection of designs. Shop the full range now, or call us if you have any questions about this popular and exclusive range.

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