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The Kahrs Unity collection features an assortment of engineered floors in smooth and harmonious shades. Here is our review of this beautiful selection of flooring

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: May 03, 2019

Kahrs Unity Collection Review

The Kahrs Unity collection features an assortment of engineered floors in smooth and harmonious shades. Featuring exciting finishes and exquisite hues, the floors are perfect for urban dwellers with a taste for chic and glamorous floors.

Each board in the collection has been carefully crafted to highlight the natural beauty of timber. This makes the floors almost indistinguishable from solid hardwood floors.

This in-depth review gives you an insight into the excellent features of these premium floors that will definitely leave you impressed.

Kährs Unity Collection In-Depth Review

The Kährs Unity collection features eight planks that have specially stained and brushed in a wide spectrum of colours from the lighter shades to warmer hues. With excellent resemblance to hardwood flooring, the planks in the collection add a special character to your interiors.

The shades range from the calm and placid arctic oak and powder oak to brownish hues of reef oak and park oak to darker tones of garden walnut or orchard walnut. The surface has been carefully brushed and coated with a lacquer layer to further enhance the similarity to hardwood floors.

The top layer is solid oak or walnut. The floors flaunt all the beautiful patterns, imperfections and knots as found in these species. These 10mm thick floors feature bevels on all four sides that make these floors look exactly like classic hardwood floors.

Being engineered, the floors are resistant to the effects of temperature and humidity variations throughout the year. They don’t buckle or swell up easily under hot and humid conditions. The floors can be installed with complete confidence in most living spaces – including conservatories.

Kahrs Unity Collection Review - Kahrs Unity Arctic Oak 101P6AEK0DKW180
Product: Kahrs Unity Arctic Oak 101P6AEK0DKW180

The floors can also be installed in areas with underfloor heating systems.

The core of the planks is extremely strong and robust thanks to the multi-layer construction technology. They can withstand heavy impact and take on a lot of load without cracking or getting damaged.

The floors are manufactured through an eco-friendly process using only the best quality raw materials. The planks are completely free from toxic solvents or harmful chemicals such as isocyanates and formaldehyde and keep your interiors healthy and fresh.

Joining the planks is quick and simple with the Woodloc technology that was pioneered by Kahrs. The floors are installed either as glue down or floating floors.

Maintaining these classy floors is simple and easy. Being lacquered, they are as it is stain and scratch resistant. Regular dusting and weekly mopping will keep your floor in top condition for years. The floors are perfect for busy families or families with kids and pets.

These lacquered floors are also very smooth and comfortable underfoot.

Kährs Unity Collection Engineered Wood Features at a Glance

  • Premium quality engineered wood floors in harmonious shades
  • Excellent resemblance to solid hardwood floors
  • 10mm thick, single strip planks
  • Bevels on all four sides that enhance the similarity to hardwood floors.
  • Resistant to scratches, stains and effects of daily wear and tear
  • Eco-friendly floors with no toxic emissions
  • Resilient to fluctuations in temperature and humidity
  • Compatible with under-floor heating
  • Firm and sturdy joints though patented Woodloc technology
  • Easy on maintenance
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot

Our Verdict

We highly recommend the Kahrs Spirit Unity Collection that add a touch of urban elegance to any space. These strong and robust floors last for decades and are perfect for both residential and commercial installation.

With a stunning resemblance to solid hardwood floors, these planks are an excellent choice when you love wood floors that are low on maintenance. The floors are sure to increase the value of your property while making your interiors look smart and classy.

While the range does offer long-term value for money, the initial cost can be out of reach for many homeowners. If you are looking to spend less without compromising on quality and design, consider our Lusso engineered wood flooring range.

Available solely through Stories Flooring, Lusso floors have been designed by our own flooring experts. They were committed to developing a range that offered the same premium quality as major brands at a much lower cost. You’ll see that our Lusso engineered wood floors are offered at up to half the price of Kahrs flooring, yet they provide the same quality and durability.

Lusso Engineered Wood Flooring

Excellent alternative flooring to the Kahrs Unity Collection


The range of styles on offer ensures something to suit any interior, and there is a generous choice of finishes. As well as lacquered, you can also choose a more natural oiled surface, or a rustic brushed effect.

Check out the Lusso engineered wood flooring range now, and request a free sample. This will help you to compare it against the Kahrs Unity collection.

About The Author

Yarl Christie

Yarl is the Managing Director of Stories Flooring. started his career in the flooring industry by becoming a floor fitter at the age of 18 (2004). Yarl finally decided to move with the times and set up an online flooring store (Flooring Yorkshire, 2018). He works closely with the business managers and resource team to source new products from wholesalers, which in turn brings down the sale price. This enables Stories Flooring to be one of the leading UK flooring retailers.