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10.01.19 Blog

Kahrs Smaland Collection Engineered Wood Flooring Review

Written by: Yarl Christie

The Kahrs Smaland collection is an assortment of exquisite engineered floors that reflect the natural charm and beauty of the Swedish countryside. This collection features weathered oak, the most preferred wood for its maximum character and dimension. With distinct colour variations, the floors are an excellent choice when you love the warmth of rustic hardwood floors.

The collection offers wide options both in shades and texture to suit every décor. Whether it’s your residence or a commercial space, these tough and durable floors are sure to make any space look glamorous.

This in-depth review gives you an insight into the excellent features of this collection.

Kährs Supreme Smaland Collection In-Depth Review

The Kährs Supreme Smaland Collection features eleven floors in natural variations in shades and textures. With a variety of cracks, grains and patterns, the floors are an excellent choice for creating a warm and lively vibe in your interiors.

The top layer features solid oak. The surface has been specially crafted to bring out all the natural beauty of the timber. The surface layer is oiled and further textured with finishes such as brushed, freshly sawn, hand-scraped or light smoked to heighten the resemblance to solid hardwood floors.

The shades in the collection cover a wide spectrum ranging from pristine white, milky white, flour white to earth grey and mineral grey to tones of brown like shadow and amber.

The single-strip planks feature bevels on all four sides that further accentuate the authenticity.

The planks are constructed through a multi-layer construction method that makes the core layer extremely durable and sturdy. These floors are extremely robust and durable and don’t get easily damaged or cracked.

Being engineered, the floors are also resilient to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Unlike solid hardwood floors, these floors won’t buckle or swell up under hot and humid conditions. This makes the floors perfect for installation in most spaces – including conservatories.

The floors are also compatible with underfloor heating.

These floors are manufactured using a completely environment-friendly process and most of the residual raw materials are recycled for better sustainability. No harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, isocyanates or toxic solvents are used during the manufacturing process.

The planks are joined through the Woodloc technology pioneered by Kahrs. The mechanism provides for extremely strong and durable joints that don’t come off easily. The floors are installed either as glue down or as floating floors.

Maintaining these classic floors is easy and quick. A daily dusting schedule followed by a schedule of weekly mopping will keep these floors in top condition.

The floors are also very soft and comfortable underfoot. You can enjoy them for years making them perfect for long-term investment.

Kährs Smaland Collection Engineered Wood Features at a Glance

  • Engineered floors with a distinct rustic charm
  • Excellent resemblance to solid hardwood floors
  • 15mm thick, single strip planks
  • Bevelled on all four sides
  • Resilient to fluctuations in temperature and humidity
  • Suitable for installation in most living spaces
  • Sturdy and durable, eco-friendly floors
  • Quick and simple joining with Woodloc technology
  • Compatible with under-floor heating
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot

Our Verdict

The Kahrs Supreme Smaland Collection combines the Swedish rustic beauty with high functionality and practicality. These premium floors are a great choice when you want wood floors for your interiors without the hassles of hardwood flooring.

With a wide range of shades and textures, the floors are perfect for both residential and commercial installation. We highly recommend these excellent floors when you want top value for your money while increasing the value of your property.