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The Kahrs Shine collection is an assortment of engineered floors in striking audacious shades that are a class in their own.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: June 01, 2019

Kahrs Shine Collection Engineered Wood Flooring Review

The Kahrs Shine collection is an assortment of engineered floors in striking audacious shades that are a class in their own. Designed and crafted for those who flaunt their personality with élan, these floors exude elegance and class in every inch.

These outstanding floors are perfect for adding a unique style to your home or premises. If you are not afraid to experiment or love wild shades that will make your interiors look uber cool, this is the collection you are looking for.

The collection reflects Kahrs’ reputation as the world leader in engineered wood and commitment to quality. With astonishing similarity to solid hardwood floors, the planks in this collection add a different dimension to any space.

This in-depth review provides an insight into these glamorous floors from the Shine collection that are sure to bowl you over.

Kährs Supreme Shine Collection In-Depth Review

The Kahrs Supreme Shine Collection comprises five planks in exceptional shades that do true justice to the name. The shades in this collection range from light and luminescent shiny white and pearl white to subdued grey to bold and striking black interspersed with tones of shining silver or copper.

The surface is finished with high gloss lacquer that makes the floors shine with a glow of their own. They feature micro-bevels on all four sides as seen in solid hardwood floors.

The top layer of these 15mm thick planks is solid oak, beech or ash. The surface beautifully reflects all the knots, grains and patterns as seen in these natural species.

Constructed using a multi-layer process, these floors are extremely sturdy and stable. The lacquered finished makes these floors resistant to scratches, abrasions, stains and impact of daily use.

All the materials used during the manufacturing process are free from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or isocyanate. The floors are totally eco-friendly and do not emit any harmful or toxic odour.

These engineered floors can also withstand high variations in temperature and humidity. Unlike solid hardwood floors, they don’t swell up or buckle easily. You can install these gorgeous floors in most living areas – including conservatories.

Being scratch and stain resistant, maintaining these floors is simple and quick. Regular dusting and weekly mopping will keep their lustre intact for years.

The planks are joined through the Woodloc mechanism pioneered by Kahrs. The technology provides firm and strong joints with no gaps in between. The floors can be installed either as glue down or as floating floors.

Kährs Shine Collection Features at a Glance

  • Stellar collection of engineered floors in remarkable; unusual shades
  • Excellent resemblance to solid hardwood floors
  • Single strip planks with high gloss lacquer finish
  • Four-sided micro bevelled edges
  • 15mm thick, strong and durable floors
  • Resistant to scratches and abrasions
  • Resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity
  • Eco-friendly floors with no toxic emissions
  • Firm and sturdy joints with the patented Woodloc technology
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot

Our Verdict

We highly recommend this bold and exquisite collection of engineered wood floors from Kahrs. When you love glamour, vivacity and high drama in your interiors, there is perhaps no better collection than this. These enchanting floors in unusual colours are sure to create an elegant and eclectic ambience.

These robust floors are crafted to last for decades, making your investment worth every penny. When you want to increase the value of your property, install these exquisite floors without a second thought.

Alternatively, if you need something a little more budget-friendly, why not consider the Lusso engineered wood flooring range? You’ll find the same gorgeous colours and finishes, only these floors are sold at a great, low price tag.

Lusso Engineered Wood Flooring

Excellent alternative flooring to the Kahrs Shine Collection


The Lusso range is only available through Stories Flooring. Crafted by our experts, these floors provide exactly the same level of quality as the Kahrs Shine collection. The surface is protected, enabling them to stand up perfectly against wear and tear. With minimal maintenance, they will look just like new for decades.

We are so confident in the capabilities of these floors that we offer a 25-year manufacturer warranty. They have been constructed using premium grade materials, and the timber has been sourced from sustainable forests.

Choose from an exquisite range of designs, each boasting a luxurious look. Suitable for the home and business, you can view the entire Lusso engineered wood collection now, or contact us to find out more.

About The Author

Yarl Christie

Yarl is the Managing Director of Stories Flooring. started his career in the flooring industry by becoming a floor fitter at the age of 18 (2004). Yarl finally decided to move with the times and set up an online flooring store (Flooring Yorkshire, 2018). He works closely with the business managers and resource team to source new products from wholesalers, which in turn brings down the sale price. This enables Stories Flooring to be one of the leading UK flooring retailers.