The Kährs Lumen Collection of engineered wood flooring features an ultra-matt lacquer finish that neither reflects light nor conceals the colour of the floor.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: June 12, 2019

Kährs Lumen Collection Engineered Wood Flooring Review

Kährs Lumen Collection of engineered wood flooring is a great choice for rooms that receive plenty of natural light. These floors feature an ultra-matt lacquer finish that neither reflects light nor conceals the colour of the floor.

In fact, the ultra-matt surface treatment reveals the natural texture of the floors and their lively shades in their true beauty by minimising the reflection of light. This surface treatment also imparts a slightly silky look to the surface and makes the floors extremely hardwearing.

Lumen collection of floors features different shades, from light to dark. The Collection packs in a range of performance features too.

Kährs Lumen Collection In-Depth Review

The Lumen collection features of 3-strip floors. This means that the surface of each plank is derived from 3 different blocks of wood. As a result, the surface you see is a combination of the textures of these 3 blocks. The way the blocks are arranged defines the final texture and look of the floors.

The company’s expertise in wood is evident in the way their skilled experts have combined different wood patterns to create brilliant textures. Whether you want a calmer feel, vivacious patterns or bolder hues, Lumen has a floor to create the desired effect!

Adding to the texture are the refining treatments these floors receive. These treatments include brushing and smoking. Brushed floors bring out the deep hardwood and its texture while smoked floors show colour variations as a result of the exposure to ammonia.

These treatments, in addition to elevating the looks and feel of the floors underfoot, enhance their toughness and durability.

Although surface treatments contribute to the high performance of these floors, it is the unique 3-ply design that offers exceptional durability, strength and stability to these floors.

The top layer of the 3-ply structure features solid hardwood. A hard plywood forms the base of the structure. The core layer sandwiched in between the top and bottom layers is made of softer plywood. These three layers are firmly affixed to each other to form a strong and stable plank.

Joint strength is another fundamental aspect of stable planks. Lumen floors rely on Kährs’ patented Woodloc 5S for excellent joint strength, extraordinary stability and easy installation.

Woodloc 5S offers the best joint strength. This is a mechanical system that create a joint in simple clicks. A special locking tongue is employed to ensure strong joints. Joints using the Woodloc 5S are the strongest. Woodloc 5S makes installation simple and easy.

Another notable aspect of Kährs Lumen Collection is its sustainable manufacturing process. The oak is obtained from local forests where sustainable forestry is the norm. The wood waste is recycled to produce electricity.

Kährs Lumen Collection Engineered Wood Features at a Glance

  • The unique matt lacquer treatment brings out the texture and minimises the reflection of light
  • Available in light, medium and dark shades
  • The 3-strip board pattern gives more character and a natural feel
  • Strong, gap-free floor joints
  • The floors are extremely resistant to temperature and humidity changes to assure you of complete stability in all seasons
  • No need for expansion joints for over 75% of larger installation spaces
  • The floors can be used immediately after installation
  • Eco-friendly production practices

Our Verdict

The Kährs Lumen Collection comes from a brand that is renowned for its highest standards of quality. Each plank undergoes over 50 inspections to assure you of the best quality. As a result, Lumen floors go beyond expectations in looks and performance.

These floors offer the best value for money and are definitely worth the investment. Order one today!

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