Kährs Grande Collection offers super long and extra-wide boards that will instantly transform your space. Read our review of the Grande Collection by Kahrs below

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: December 04, 2018

Kährs Grande Collection Engineered Wood Flooring Review

Kährs Grande Collection of engineered wood flooring introduces the classic plank style that suits all types of interiors. This range offers super long and extra-wide boards that will instantly transform your space.

There are unique and classic shades of oak, which are sure to add loads of character and warmth to your interiors. The variety in shades and patterns means you’ll have a flooring to suit even your most complex design goals.

Kährs Grande Collection In-Depth Review

The Grande collection features single-strip boards, which essentially means that the top layer is cut from a complete single block of oak. As a result, the entire pattern, including grains, knots and colour variations, is passed on as it is to the surface. This design imparts an incredibly rich character to the floors.

Thanks to the one-strip format, the look and feel of the Kährs Grande Collection is that of rich real solid hardwood. Enhancing the looks further is the expert use of natural surface treatments including hand-scraping, smoking and brushing.

There are several finishes of these engineered wood floors. The brushed effect enhances the surface texture, highlighting the grains and other oak characteristics. The 4-sided bevel-edge design deepens the richness of oak further, clearly defining each plank, which results in a robust and rugged aesthetic.

The hand-scraping effect imparts the classic worn-out look. Kährs employs a variety of manual hand-scraping tools to achieve superior craftsmanship. The smoked range displays stunning variations in colours, which brings its own distinct appeal.

Kahrs Grande Casa Oak 201XCDEKF0KE280Product: Kahrs Grande Casa Oak 201XCDEKF0KE280

Each floor in this range features an oiled finish, which imparts multiple benefits.

The oiling process brings out the natural richness of oak, highlighting the texture in finer details. The warm, glossy and superior solid hardwood feel that an oiled finish imparts to the floors is unmatched.

One practical benefit of Kahrs engineered wood flooring is the ability to restore the planks if they get tired. oiled finish is that repairing these floors is easy and simple. When you want to repair stubborn stains and scratches, simply re-sand the spot of damage instead of sanding the entire floor and then apply a coat of oil.

These floors are extremely hard wearing when compared to standard floors. The oil penetrates deep into the wood forming a protective shield.

The best part is that all these natural surface treatments are non-toxic. They do not contain formaldehyde, isocyanates or toxic solvents.

Adding to the performance is the exceptional stability of these floors. Further, these floors do not bulge or shrink in the event of change in the humidity or temperature levels like all engineered wooden floors.

The Grande collection offers all the benefits without harming the environment in any way. The entire production process is eco-friendly. All the wood waste resulting from the production is converted into energy.

Kährs Grande Collection Engineered Wood Features at a Glance

  • Beautiful Oak floors in different shades and patterns
  • Natural surface treatments enhance the details bringing exceptional character to the floors
  • Exceptional stability thanks to a multi-layer structure
  • These extremely hard wearing floors can be used in heavy traffic areas; they are also great for households with pets and kids
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compatible with underfloor heating systems

Our Verdict

Kährs Grande Collection comes from the brand that gave the world its first engineered wood flooring. Kährs is also known for the high flooring standards it sets with its every collection.

The Kährs Grande Collection keeps up the tradition of high quality and performance. These floors are designed to offer unmatchable value for your money.

Long-lasting stunning looks and great performance come together in the Grande collection. So invest in this brilliant flooring range without a second thought.

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