The Kährs European Renaissance Collection boasts charming designs that are full of character.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Kahrs Original European Renaissance Collection Review

Kahrs Original European Renaissance Collection was introduced to commemorate the Swedish flooring specialist’s 150th anniversary. If you are expecting some special floors for the occasion, the Renaissance will definitely deliver to your expectations and perhaps even exceed them!

Kahrs Original European Renaissance Collection In-Depth Review

The Kahrs Original European Renaissance Collection boasts classic designs reminiscent of the bygone era to suit modern aesthetic standards. The floors are stunning to look at and the classic patterns are sure to blow your mind.

The Oak Palazzo Bianco, for example, is an exemplary creation of white oak in a Dutch pattern. The expert application of the pattern imparts a truly unique look to the Palazzo. The Town grading enhances the texture with minor and discreet colour changes. The infrequent knots on the surface also add to the texture, multiplying the classic wood effect.

The use of matte finish and its variants enhance the appearance while imparting valuable practical benefits to the floor. Matte finish floors, for example, are great at masking imperfections such as scratches that are sure to crop up over time. Silk matte floors boost the visual appeal and style while providing a reasonable ability to mask flaws.

The best part is that these surface treatments are natural and free of toxic elements like formaldehyde and isocyanates. These floors are apt for those seeking the healthiest and the most hygienic of floors in the market.

Another major highlight of the Kahrs Original European Renaissance Collection is its innovative and patented Woodloc 5S joint-locking mechanism. This mechanism features an exclusive locking tongue that helps create strong joints. The joint-locking mechanism is entirely glue-less, which removes the mess from the process.

With its simple and easy mechanism, Woodloc 5S makes installation easy and quick. The result is a robust, zero-gap floor that is extremely resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.

Adding to the stability is the multi-layer design. This makes the entire floor well-balanced, which makes these floors extremely compatible with underfloor heating.

Finally, these floors are manufactured in an eco-responsible manner. The wood is sourced locally and the company gives back to the environment by way of planting new trees. Wood waste is converted into energy.

Kährs European Renaissance Engineered Wood Features at a Glance

  • High quality floors
  • Each plank goes through 50+ quality tests
  • A unique flooring range that brings to life the patterns from the bygone era
  • The expert use of surface treatments highlights wood effects and textures brilliantly
  • The surface treatments do not contain formaldehyde, isocyanates and solvents
  • The innovative Woodloc 5S mechanisms results in strongest joints
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Woodloc 5S prevents the need for expansion gaps for more than 75% of the installation space
  • The floors can be used immediately after installation
  • The floors are supportive of both floating and glue-down installation methods
  • Extremely eco-friendly floors
  • Compatible with underfloor heating systems

Our Verdict

The Kahrs Original European Renaissance Collection boasts multiple features. If you are on a budget, these floors may seem a little overboard, but the value they bring in the long run is definitely worth considering.

Each floor in the European Renaissance range brings its own charm and character. No matter which design you choose, when you choose the Kahrs European Renaissance collection, you choose complete peace of mind.