Kährs Artisan engineered wood flooring is an oak-focused range that brings to light the different alluring shades of this premium wood in the best way.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Kahrs Original Artisan Collection Review

Kahrs Original Artisan Collection engineered wood flooring is an oak-focused range that brings to light the different alluring shades of this premium wood in the best way. Coming from one of the leading flooring brands, Kährs, this range combines stunning looks with superior performance.

Kahrs Original Artisan Collection In-Depth Review

The Kahrs Original Artisan Collection is available in multiple colours, from lightest shades to balanced tones and darker hues. The natural characteristics of wood are beautifully highlighted thanks to some brilliant craftsmanship. Enhancing the looks and texture of the floors are the brushed and hand-scraped effects.

The brushed effect deepens the natural texture of wood imparting a beautiful texture to the floor. The hand-scraped effect brings that special look to the floor that is usually considered exclusive to solid hardwood floors. The planks show beautiful variations as a result of hand-scraping, which makes these floors unique and richly wood.

A 4-sided bevel design further adds to the richness of the floors. This design creates a well-defined delineation between planks, which gives a stunning aged wood look to the Artisan floors.

These floors feature an oiled surface finish, which imparts several practical and aesthetic benefits. Thanks to an oiled surface finish, these floors reveal the true natural beauty of oak while highlighting the fine and intricate details.

The oiled finish also adds a protective layer making these floors a great choice for high traffic areas. Minor imperfections such as scratches are not easily visible on oiled floors making them ideal for homes with pets and kids.

With their oiled finish, the Artisan floors make maintenance easier. If there are any repairs on the floor, they can be rectified by correcting the spot of damage. You don’t have to repair the entire floor. This translates into substantial cost savings as won’t have to re-sand the entire floor!

The Original Artisan floors are single-strip floors; the surface layers of the planks are made of a single block of wood. This board pattern enhances the wood look of the floors while imparting excellent durability to them. With a one-strip pattern, these floors exhibit wonderful wear resistance.

Adding to the exceptional stability of these floors is their multi-layer design. These floors are also dimensionally stable, meaning they do not change shape when exposed to varying temperature and humidity levels. So, no matter the season, you’ll have a stable floor underfoot with the Kährs Artisan wood flooring.

An innovative Woodloc joint is another highlight of this range. This is a mechanical system that creates strong joints between planks. There are no gaps in the joints as well. The ease of creating strong joints makes installation easier and faster, saving you enormous costs on the process.

Adding to the benefits are the sustainable manufacturing practices. The multi-layer design makes optimal use of wood reducing debris, which, in turn, is recycled to create energy.

Further, the trees used for floor production are given back to the environment through re-planting.

Kährs Artisan Engineered Wood Features at a Glance

  • A stunning oak-based range in different shades
  • The floors feature a rich surface texture with beautiful wood characteristics highlighted on the surface
  • Exceptional aesthetics, thanks to a bevelled design, Brushed and Hand-scraped effect and an Oiled finish
  • Natural surface treatments
  • The floors do not contain formaldehyde, isocyanate, solvents or any other toxic elements
  • The Woodloc system results in strong, gap-free floor joints
  • Quick and efficient installation
  • The floors can be used immediately after installation
  • Highly eco-friendly flooring range

Our Verdict

The Kahrs Original Artisan Collection is one of the finest oak collections in the market. With long-lasting beauty and performance, these floors beat the competition by miles.

In short, the range offers unbeatable value.