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Here are some tips that can help you care for and maintain your solid wood floors.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: December 02, 2021

How to Clean & Maintain Solid Wood Flooring

It is hard to beat the classic look of wood floors. This flooring has been used for centuries because of their natural strength and beauty and they are still the preferred flooring material today. Wooden floors are a lovely addition to any home since they are elegant, appealing, and timeless, and they may last for decades if properly cared for.

Mopping a Solid Wood Floor Helps to Maintain It

For the most part, solid wood flooring is durable and long-lasting. Nevertheless, they will need proper care and protection from danger. If you want your hardwood floors to last a long time, you must take excellent care of them. Cleaning your floor regularly is essential for keeping and maintaining its beauty.

In addition to regular cleaning, you also need to follow maintenance and prevention procedures to avoid danger. Here are some tips that can help you care for and maintain your solid wood floors.

Vacuum Frequently

In any flooring type, it’s critical to keep debris off the floor but this is particularly important with wood floors. Walking over the wood floors with a bit of dirt on the button of your show will feel like sandpaper. It has the potential to damage or scrape that surface.

How to vacuum a solid wood floor to keep it clean

To keep your wood floors looking elegant and lasting longer, all you have to do is sweep once a day, if possible, and vacuum regularly with the hard floor option, which turns off the brush roll to prevent scratching, or the flat attachment, which protects the floor from bristles. Strong suction is especially helpful for removing dust and debris from cracks and crevices, as well as between planks.

Choose the Best Cleaning Product

There is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to selecting a product for your wood flooring's deep clean. Different wood finishes require different treatments, and you should follow the flooring or finish manufacturer's product recommendations.

However, it is also reasonable to conclude that there are some products that you should avoid at all costs. We don't suggest using any form of harsh chemical to clean any hardwood floor as applying these chemicals to the finish will cause haze. This may quickly accumulate for six months to a year, and it doesn't look good on your floors.

Any product that claims to polish, shine, renew, or reinvigorate the wood floor should be avoided. That simply means you're setting out something supplementary to the main offering. It is putting something on that surface that will make it seem nice for a brief time but isn't meant to last.

Keep Hardwood Floors Dry

Keeping your wood floors lasting for longer means keeping them dry almost always. It is advisable to use a moist mop to clean the floors once you've chosen the correct cleaning product. Avoid soaking the floors with a damp bucket because it will cause the wood to swell. Make sure to avoid the use of steam, which cleans well but allows vapor to enter small spaces and damage floors.

Avoid Heat and UV Rays On Your Flooring

Hardwood may be discolored by direct sunlight. To filter UV rays and preserve the wood from excessive heat, use protective window coverings such as curtains and blinds. Most wood kinds will age and fade over time if kept open and exposed to direct sunlight. Rearrange carpets and furniture regularly to ensure that the wood ages evenly.

Be Aware of the Warning Signs

Temperature and humidity have a big impact on the wood, so it is crucial to know what's going on around your floor. However, because certain factors are beyond your control, being aware of red indicators might help you keep your wood flooring. Wood is a natural product and tends to show warning signs when not pleased.

The wood will cup or even buckle if there is too much moisture on, around, or beneath it. To prevent this from happening, remove the source of the water. Gaping, cracking, and splitting are caused by circumstances that are too dry. A humidifier should suffice in this case. By adding some moisture to the air, your floor will be able to settle back down and it will come back to life.

Polish Solid Wood Floors Regularly

Polyurethane coatings are used on the majority of hardwood floors. These finishes preserve and protect the wood beneath your floor and give it a lustrous sheen. Normal wear and tear will cause visible scratches and dull the surface over time. Polishing with a buffing pad on a regular basis can rejuvenate and freshen the appearance of the floor by restoring shine, rubbing away microscopic scratches, and levelling up the surface. For polishing products, consult the manufacturer's recommendations and follow the directions to the letter.

Solid Wood Floor Cleaners

Excessive soap use when cleaning your wood floors can cause discolouration as well as obvious marks and footprints. On the other hand, wood cleaners had been carefully blended to produce the desired texture and quality. So, even if you think you're helping the floor, it is critical to mix the soap with water as directed on the label of most of these products.

Some of these Wood Cleaners can also aid in the reduction of surface tension in any wood floor. When a basic treatment or maintenance substance does not permeate into the wood, surface tensions exist. It is common on newly installed and dried-out wood floors. The surface tensions are reduced after a thorough cleaning with Wood Cleaner, allowing the next treatment to be carried out with excellent success.

Repair the Scratches on the Planks’ Surface

Scratching on your wood floor is quite natural. It is not pleasant to see your floors scratched all over, but it is natural and can rarely be avoided. It comes with the territory of owning a wood floor. Use a stain marker from a wood furniture touch-up kit to repair surface scratches. That ought to suffice.

Recoat & Refinishing

The ability to restore and refurbish solid wood floor planks is one of the main benefits of this type of flooring. When the wood floor starts to show signs of wear, it is time to recoat it. Sanding isn't required for a recoat however we dio recommend it as it can give a much cleaner, even look. To speed the sanding process up it is a good idea to hire an industrial professional sander.

How to Sand Solid Wood Flooring to Refinish It

If you wish to just simply apply another layer of finish to the tops of the planks without sanding before also restores their brightness and lifespan. This approach may extend the life of a floor for many years by adding a layer of protection whenever it is needed. The benefit of wood flooring is that it can withstand a lot of typical wear and tear. You can also fix, refinish, and recoat these floors.

If you would rather replace your solid wood flooring then check out our full range here.

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