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Here, we reveal the best types of flooring to install in your home office

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: February 04, 2022

Best Flooring for a Home Office

Are you struggling to decide which floor you should install in your home office? Durability, practicality, and function are just some of the factors you’ll need to consider when selecting the right floor. A home office should inspire productivity and work efficiently.

Best Type of Herringbone Flooring for a Home Office

It can be tricky to figure out the best option with so much choice available but don’t worry; we have you covered at Stories Flooring. In this brief guide, we’ll reveal the best flooring for a home office.

LVT Flooring for Home Offices

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) floors are excellent for home offices. Not only are they one of the most affordable types of floors on the market, but they also offer a rugged and practical design. You can read more about what LVT flooring is here.

You can purchase LVT floors that can withstand heavy foot traffic, as well as the use of castor chairs. Some also come with a cushioned backing, enhancing their comfort and providing excellent sound reduction properties.

Best type of LVT flooring for a home office

LVT flooring comes in a vast choice of designs, many of which mimic real wood or stone effects. They are warm to the touch and can be installed with underfloor heating for added comfort. If you are looking for the best LVT floor to install, we highly recommend the Amtico Form collection.

The Amtico Form range is perfect for home offices with its smooth finish and elegant looks. There are over 60 impressive designs to choose from, including striking parquet effects. As the floors in this range need to be glued down during installation, they provide a durable and long-lasting finish. Each floor also features a 0.7mm wear layer for maximum durability.

SPC Flooring Ideal for a Home Office

SPC is an alternative to LVT, Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring is a fantastic choice for your home office. It is an advanced version of LVT flooring, consisting of several layers and a rigid core for incredible durability.

Home office with SPC flooring installed

These floors offer outstanding wear resistance. Not only do they protect high levels of foot traffic, but they also stand up well against caster chair use. As an additional benefit, SPC floors are thoroughly tested for their safety, ensuring they offer fire resistance alongside wear and tear protection. Like LVT floors, there are many designs and brands you can choose from. We recommend our very own Bentley Portofino collection, the Karndean Van Gogh Rigid Core range, or the Hardcore Rigid SPC collection.

The Bentley Portofino range is comfortable, practical, and hard-wearing. The floors are sold with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty for reassurance that they will stand the test of time. They are also created with a built-in backing layer, boosting the comfort of the floor while also reducing sound.

Bentley Portofino Rigid Core Herringbone Norwegian Oak is ideal for a home officeProduct: Bentley Portofino Rigid Core Herringbone Norwegian Oak

The Karndean Van Gogh Rigid Core collection offers excellent value for money. There are 14 realistic wood effect floors to choose from, each featuring a textured embossed surface. These floors come with excellent acoustic reduction, and they are 100% waterproof. This allows you to install them in practically any room in the house.

The Hardcore Rigid SPC Herringbone range boasts luxurious, realistic-looking floors. They feature hardwood detailing and distinctive bevelled edges for a beautiful natural appearance. Like the Karndean Van Gogh Rigid Core range, the floors in this range come with a 100% waterproof design. They also offer excellent stability and comfort underfoot.

You discover more about what SPC flooring is here.

Solid Wood Flooring for Home Offices

If you want to create a formal, elegant home office space, you can’t go wrong with a wooden floor.

Solid wood floors can be an option for your home office, provided you choose the right one. While they can be incredibly durable, these floors can scratch easier than other flooring types. For this reason, you will need to be careful when using a caster chair that its wheels don’t damage the surface of the wood. On the other hand, solid wood floors are easy to restore and because of this, they can last years.

The best type of solid wood flooring to install in a home office

We recommend the LFUK solid wood range when considering this type of flooring. Crafted to the highest standard, these floors are stylish, durable, and surprisingly affordable.

Engineered Wood Flooring for Home Offices

Compared to solid wood flooring, engineered wood floors are typically a better option for home offices. This is because of their layered design, giving them additional strength and durability. They are also often suitable for use with underfloor heating, helping to keep them warmer than solid wood floors throughout the colder months.

Engineered wood flooring installed in a home office

The Kahrs Life Collection is a fantastic choice if you opt for engineered wood flooring. Providing the performance of LVT and the aesthetics of wooden flooring, you get the best of both worlds with this impressive collection. There is a massive range of designs on offer, and each is made up of five tough layers. Browse our full range of engineered wood to find your perfect home office floor.

As you can see, you have many options when it comes to choosing the best floor for a home office. Each type of flooring has its own pros and cons to consider. When trying to determine which type is right for you, think about the style of the office space and the main features you need. For example, do you need a floor that offers sound reduction properties? Once you identify which features are more important, it will help to narrow down your options.

If you struggle to decide, why not give our friendly customer service team a call. We are always happy to help you find the right floor to suit your requirements.

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