Engineered Wood Joining Method

To help make installing your engineered wood floor a breeze, they come with either a tongue and groove or a click system. Both types of systems come with their own pros and cons. To help you decide which floor is right for you, below you’ll learn more about the different systems.

Tongue and groove

The majority of our engineered wood floors come with a tongue and groove installation system. One side of the plank features a rebated edge, while the other has a protruding edge. This ensures the planks can simply slot into each other to provide a secure, interlocking fit. They are versatile enough to be installed on a variety of subfloors, although the installation process is a little more involved than click system flooring. You’ll need screws, glue or nails to secure the floor down.

Click systems

If you want the easiest engineered wood floor to install, look out for ones which feature a click system. The planks simply click together, allowing for extremely fast and easy installation. This method is even suitable for amateur DIY enthusiasts. Be aware that if you are using this method, the floor will need to be installed on top of a solid subfloor such as concrete or wood.

Engineered Wood Joining Method

You can browse our engineered wooden flooring collection or alternatively call one of our sales team members on 01133200223 to discuss your options if you are struggling to decide which floor is best for you.